Video: ‘Rocket Man Is On A Suicide Mission For Himself,’ Trump Tells U.N., #RocketMan Trends On Twitter

President Donald Trump has used his “Rocket Man” nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and this time, Trump didn’t just use Twitter to call Un “Rocket Man.” Instead, as seen in the below video from Fox News, President Trump used the “Rocket Man” label, which he pulled from Elton John’s famous “Rocket Man” song, also seen below, to criticize Un’s regime during Trump’s first United Nations speech. Trump was referring to Kim Jong’s recent spate of test missiles when he dubbed Un “Rocket Man,” and the president spoke about Un’s alleged “pursuit of death and destruction.” In harsh and direct language, Trump said that parts of the world are “going to hell.” Trump also mentioned the deal between the United States and Iran.

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.”

President Trump’s speech highlighted his “America first” doctrine and featured Trump explaining that any world leader would want to put their country first. Trump seemed to save his harshest language for leaders like Un, as President Trump said that the U.S. had practiced great strength and patience, but the country would be forced “to totally destroy North Korea” if need he continues to threaten the US and the nation’s allies. The reaction to President Trump’s speech on Tuesday had folks reverberating over the “Rocket Man” nickname so much that the hashtag #RocketMan began trending on Twitter while Trump was still speaking to the U.N. General Assembly.

As reported by the Hill, President Trump cautioned that he hoped it was not necessary for the U.S. to take action against North Korea. Trump’s speech is being called dark and stark with talk of good versus evil when Trump spoke of “the righteous many” confronting “the wicked few” in order to stop evil from winning.

Meanwhile, the buzz on Twitter showing up under the trending hashtag features some people wondering aloud if Trump keeps calling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” because Trump can’t actually pronounce his name. Others are quipping that since Trump has called Un “Rocket Man,” they can’t get the song “Rocket Man” out of their minds. Some of the reactions on Twitter to the “Rocket Man” moniker can be read below. There are also plenty of “Rocket Man” memes showing up on Twitter.


“What are the chances uses because he mistakenly calls by his father’s name?

“Who is suddenly listening to Elton John right now?

“I’m not the man they think I am at home, I’m the -Kim Jong Un”

“I’m pretty sure at this point, we’re all going to die.

Only Trump could ruin a perfectly good Elton song while possibly provoking the end of civilization itself.

[Featured Image by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]