Rain Brown Continues ‘Positive Vibes’ Despite ‘ABP’ Haters & Rumors That Ami Brown Is Now In Hospice Care

Alaskan Bush People star Rain Brown continues with her “positive vibes” on social media despite Brown family haters and rumors that mom Ami Brown is now in hospice care. The youngest member of the Brown family has been active on her social media accounts as Ami Brown continues her battle with late-stage lung cancer. At only 14-years-old, Rain Brown has been “inspirational” to her followers and fans of Alaskan Bush People and posts often on both Twitter and Instagram as @heroofkirrkwell; sometimes posting several times a day amid comments from haters and rumors that say Ami Brown is “just days away from succumbing to stage-four lung cancer,” according to a new report on In Touch Weekly.

Rain Brown has built up a large following on Instagram as fans of Alaskan Bush People don’t want to miss any possible updates on the Brown family matriarch, Ami Brown. Sharing on social media so often also brings out comments from haters who continue to criticize Alaskan Bush People for being fake, even though the Brown family has always shared that their long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series is just a recreation of Billy and Ami Brown’s early days living in the Alaskan Bush. Haters also never miss an opportunity to openly criticize Brown family members for everything from their choice of clothing to their teeth and their hairstyles, as noted by the Hollywood Gossip on Monday.

But Alaskan Bush People haters haven’t stopped Rain Brown from sharing her “positive vibes” on social media. Rain continues to share positive messages, inspirational quotes, videos that show her singing uplifting lyrics, as well as somber and silly selfie photos. Fans of Alaskan Bush People often comment that they “love” Rain Brown’s “attitude towards life,” even though her mom, Ami Brown, was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer less than a year ago. Somehow, Rain Brown manages to keep her positive attitude amid Alaskan Bush People haters and reports that Ami Brown “is pretty much at a hospice point,” as previously shared by the Inquisitr.

Just a few hours ago, Rain Brown once again took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself singing a few lines from the song, “Helpless,” which was taken from the musical, Hamilton. Rain captioned her rendition of “Helpless” with #staystrong and #stayhappy, even as rumors continued on Monday that Ami Brown “is in hospice care” in Los Angeles at the UCLA Medical Center. An Alaskan Bush People message board on Previously.TV posted yesterday that “there have been reports that Ami is in hospice care at the hospital, and the family is there.” Another comment on the forum called out the haters of Alaskan Bush People and the Brown family, wondering how anyone “in their right minds would seriously mock or feel no sympathy for anyone suffering from cancer.”

Rain’s followers continued to thank her for sharing her “#positivevibes,” while also asking for updates on the health of Ami Brown. There has been no confirmed news from the Alaskan Bush People network, the Discovery Channel, or any of the Brown family members on how Ami Brown is doing since her stage 3b lung cancer diagnosis was changed to stage 4 just over a month ago, according to the Hollywood Gossip. Billy Brown did share recently that Ami Brown, his wife of nearly 40 years, has less than a 3 percent chance of surviving late-stage lung cancer. Radar Online shared a rumor less than a week ago that says Ami Brown is now confined to her hospital bed with stage 4 lung cancer and is on her “deathbed,” while also saying that the 54-year-old Brown family matriarch continues chemotherapy.

Despite Ami Brown’s grim diagnosis, rumors are also circulating that the Brown family plans to pick back up with filming Season 8 of Alaskan Bush People in a few weeks in their new Colorado location. Rumors have also been circulating that some members of the Brown family have opted out of filming Season 8, including Brown family siblings Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, Gabe Brown, and Noah Brown. Second oldest Brown family sibling, Joshua “Bam” Brown, celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday, as shared by the official Alaskan Bush People Facebook page. Fans wished Bam a happy birthday and also asked “what Colorado has in store” for the Brown family.


Another episode of Alaskan Bush People is due to air on Thursday, September 21, as shown in TV Guide. The episode, titled “Forging a New Future,” is supposed to show Ami Brown preparing to undergo cancer treatment, as the rest of the wolf pack forges a new beginning “using the skills they have acquired in the Alaskan wilderness.”

Verywell shares that the median life expectancy for stage 4 lung cancer patients is only around eight months following their stage 4 diagnosis.

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