‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt To Miss Filming After Getting Nine Staples In The Head, Ami Has Late Stage Cancer

Alaskan Bush People has announced its return for Season 7 this June, but it looks like fans would miss Matt Brown in the later episodes. Same goes for Ami Brown, whose sickness is said to be really serious.

Matt on filming hiatus after head injury

A source on Facebook said that after sustaining a head injury and other wounds, Matt is going to take a break from filming Alaskan Bush People. TMZ reported that the reality star got nine staples in his head after an explosion in his crib last Tuesday. Matt reportedly put a mason jar full of gunpowder and cannon fuse inside his fridge. The jar blew up the fridge and its door flew into Matt’s direction, injuring his head. He was flown to Sitka and then to Seattle as he was in critical condition. No further update yet on his condition as of now.

Ami has late stage lung cancer

Meanwhile, many reliable sources reportedly said that Ami has late-stage lung cancer, according to the source on Facebook. Even with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, the Alaskan Bush People matriarch’s condition has not improved. The Facebook page indicated the following.

“She is pretty much at a hospice point and her time is very limited.”

Rumors about Ami’s sickness started to go around the other week, with her estranged family sharing they were devastated to hear the news. Les Branson, Ami’s brother, said he’s trying to look for his sister, who is reportedly in Los Angeles for the treatment.

Last week, Billy Brown, the Alaskan Bush People patriarch, confirmed that his wife is sick. In the new clip for the Alaskan Bush People Season 7, Billy said that after over 30 years of living in the Alaskan wilderness, they may have to leave Browntown due to Ami’s condition. The clip also teased that the Brown family is set to face their darkest time.

However, the real condition of Ami remains unconfirmed. No official statement has been released from the Brown family or the Discovery Channel.


Alaskan Bush People Season 7

The seriousness of the situation of the Brown family could have driven the surprise early return of Alaskan Bush People for another season. Season 6 just finished airing in February, and many didn’t see it coming that the show would be included in the Discovery Channel’s summer slate of original programming.

Previous reports said Alaskan Bush People is filming its farewell to Browntown, per TV Insider. Although, that does not mean the show is ending. Ami, Billy, and Gabe are said to be not included in the production, which is understandable if they are with Ami.


Other than Ami’s condition and Matt’s accident, fans are expecting to see more of Noah’s love story with girlfriend Rhain Alicia. Alicia has difficulty finding a job in Hoonah, which might force her to return to Oregon. So Noah is considering bringing her with them in Browntown. Other romance that fans have been waiting to be featured in Alaskan Bush People is that of Bam Bam and Allison Kagan. They have long been rumored to be in a relationship after the couple was spotted in a bar in New York.

Alaskan Bush People follows the story of the Brown family, with parents Billy and Ami, and their seven adult children, Gabe, Noah, Bam Bam, Matt, Rain, Bear, and Snowbird. They harness their wilderness experience to build their own town in a remote area in Alaska. The show has faced several controversies, particularly that it is all scripted and fake. The family has also been accused of lying about living in the bush for the entire 30 years.

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 returns on the Discovery Channel on June 14 at 9 p.m.

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