Holmes And Jamie Foxx Relationship: Despite Sightings Stars Not Going Public ‘Very Casual’

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes had onlookers overly excited that the duo seemed to be making their supposed relationship public and official by stepping out hand-in-hand in Malibu, recently. Prior to this, the Dawson’s Creek star and Collateral actor were spotted in Paris together, boarding the same private jet, in Miami on New Year’s Eve and in Cabo late last year for Holmes’ birthday.

Despite each one of these sightings that pretty well indicate that Katie and Jamie are involved, which has been suspected for years now, both stars continue to stay tight-lipped about the union. Foxx even uttered the term “fake news” to reporters when they attempted to get an admission from the actor after the Paris sighting.

Although it is clear that Holmes and Foxx are involved in some capacity, the recent rumors that swirled, claiming that Katie and Jamie are ready to go public, are false. The moment in Malibu when the beauty and comedian were seen hand-in-hand was simply a “private moment” that was caught by the paparazzi and not intended as a statement to the masses, as Gossip Cop relayed.

A source close to the duo indicated that although Katie and Jamie “hang out” causally, they are “not very serious.” There have been ongoing conflicting statements from supposed insiders close to Jamie and Katie, however. It’s therefore tough to know who is speaking facts and who is fabricating details.

Holmes and Foxx have been linked for years, yet neither has admitted to being more than friends. There was a theory that had been quite believable which involved Katie Holmes’ ex, actor Tom Cruise and a divorce contract and was said to have explained Foxx and Holmes’ secrecy.

The contract was rumored to have a no dating clause that stipulated that Katie was unable to date publicly for a full 5 years following their divorce settlement. The contract was also said to be put in place under the direction of the Church of Scientology, due to Cruise’s involvement with the controversial religious institution.

It was when Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx stepped out together in Malibu that onlookers were swayed to believe that the contract was legitimate and the sighting was a way for the duo to go public seeing as Katie and Tom’s divorce happened 5 years prior, as Daily Beast reminds.

As it seems, however, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are simply enjoying time together as unofficial companions and clearly prefer their privacy.

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