Woman Complains About Hobby Lobby Selling Offensive Cotton Decor And Facebook Loses Its Mind

Just about anything can end up going viral on the Internet whether it is a cat video or a woman complaining about housekeeping during Hurricane Irma, but some take off like a rocket. Recently, a woman went shopping at Hobby Lobby and ended up finding a piece of home decor that she considered to be quite offensive. After finding the glass bottles holding sticks of cotton flowers, she decided to post it on the company’s Facebook page and that was all she wrote.

Late last week, Daniell Rider was in Hobby Lobby in Texas when she came across the display and immediately thought that the world needed to know about it. She took a picture of the vases and bottles with cotton sticking out the top of them and thought she should let them know it needed to be removed.

Rider proceeded to call it “WRONG on SO many levels” and said that there is “nothing decorative” about having raw cotton in your home. She stated that cotton was something which was collected by African-Americans who were held in captivity as slaves, as reported by The Blaze.

It took almost no time at all for the post to go viral and for people to jump on both sides of the argument.

As of Monday evening, the viral post has been shared more than 17,000 times and has more than 81,000 likes on it. The biggest thing, though, is to take your time and check out some of the more than 186,000 comments that have littered Hobby Lobby’s page.

“Do you wear cotton?!!! Lmao”

“My white dad worked in the cotton field.”

“I do not have any words and especially not any positive ones toward this messed up individual. I am glad you won’t be shopping at one of my favorite stores!”

“I like it. Reminds me of way back when we took kids to see a real cotton field. Taught them what clothes are made of. I didn’t get offended because my grand parents (sic) raised it to make clothes.”

Obviously, there were a number of comments that didn’t quite comprehend why the complaint was being lodged in the first place. There were some people commenting who felt the frustration of Rider, but there were also those who were a bit more colorful with their comments.

Hobby Lobby has yet to publicly comment on the cotton home decor it has on display in its Texas store along with many others, but it’s hard to imagine they would. Daniell Rider’s post has gone over-the-top viral since posting it last week after she considered it offensive, but at this point, it’s taken on an entirely new meaning.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]