‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Countdown To Season Finale, Final ‘BB19’ Cast Spoilers From Live Feeds

Big Brother 19 spoilers have reached their apex until after the season finale on September 20. These BB19 cast spoilers come from the CBS live feeds, where results from the first two parts of the final head of Household Competition have been revealed. This may not be considered new information to subscribers that have remained tuned to the live feeds over the past 48 hours, and it includes who the final three houseguests feel is about to win the $25,000 prize for becoming America’s Favorite Houseguest. This article is based on updated information from Monday (September 18).

The final three houseguests this season are Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, and Christmas Abbott. They got there by evicting Kevin Schlehuber last week and Alex Ow in the Eviction Ceremony before that one. This was a plan that the trio had in place for a while, with those particular Big Brother 19 spoilers one of the worst-kept secrets in the house this season. Somehow, though, nobody else really caught on to what was happening until it was far too late to do anything about it. As expected, the BB19 jury is pretty ticked off.

As for the other primary Big Brother 19 spoilers that have come from the past few days, the first two parts of the final HOH Competition have already been played. Paul Abrahamian won Part 1 late Thursday night (September 14) and then Josh Marinez won Part 2 on Saturday (September 16). This means that it’s Paul vs. Josh in Part 3 of the competition, which will take place “live” during the September 20 season finale. The winner then gets to decide who sits next to them for the BB19 jury vote later in the episode.

There are a lot of Big Brother 19 rumors about who Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez would pick to join them in the final two seats. This is where loyalty starts to take a bit of a back seat, as they each want to take the person with them who will give them the best shot at winning the $500,000 prize. Despite all the debating that they have done as individuals in front of the cameras, the eventual Big Brother 19 winner could depend on the mood of the BB19 jury when the season finale finally gets started. Right now, they are still pretty upset.

So what are the final plans for Paul and Josh? If Paul wins Part 3, he plans to take Josh with him to the final two. Paul feels that he can beat Josh and that the BB19 jury won’t side with the “meatball.” Paul is also convinced that Josh will take him to the final two if Josh finds a way to win Part 3. As for Josh’s plans, he has told the camera different stories, but usually ends those speeches with statements about how bad Paul is for his game. To win, Josh would need to take Christmas Abbott to the end with him, which seems obvious, but will he do it?

The Big Brother 19 winner gets $500,000 and the second-place finisher gets $50,000 for making it to the end. Then there is the prize for getting named America’s Favorite Player, which is $25,000 based on the vote placed by fans of the show. A previous report by the Inquisitr takes a look at who currently is favored by CBS viewers and live feed subscribers to take home that prize. Paul Abrahamian is sure that Christmas Abbott is about to win it, but according to all these Big Brother 19 spoilers, she doesn’t have as many fans as he thinks.

The Big Brother 19 season finale airs September 20 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on CBS.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]