Top Beauty Trends for 2012

2012 was a year of some truly unique beauty trends, with everything from caviar manicures to natural beauty products being this year’s biggest craze. Read about the beauty world’s top picks for 2012 and see if you agree with what made the list.

Trend #1-Textured Manicures

2012 was all about textured manicure, with Refinery 29 listing Caviar nails as one of their top beauty trends for 2012. According to an interview with beauty community site,,

“This year one of the biggest trends has been the caviar manicure – like Ciate. These are actually small caviar-like beads that you pour over the polish. While not very long lasting, they definitely make a statement.”

Trend # 2-BB/CC and Korean Fashion Trends

According to Ron Robinson, independent cosmetic chemist and founder of, the online beauty and social media agency,

“Japan used to be the Asian country where many beauty innovations came from, but Korea now pioneers some of the biggest trends of late from BB Creams, CC Creams, pore minimizing treatments and 3-pronged eyeliners.”

BB and CC Creams were among the top beauty trends for 2012.

Trend #3-Natural Beauty Products

Natural and Green Beauty Products were a top beauty trend for 2012.

Huffington Post agrees that 2012 was all about the world continuing to go green, with natural beauty products all the rage this year. According to Kym Nadeau, founder of the natural skin care line Diva Stuff,

“Many fresh fruits, herbs, flowers and spices have beneficial properties, and are highly effective in treating skin condtions such as acne, wrinkles,cellulite,eczema and more.”

Trend #4-Luxury Skin Care Products

Luxury beauty products were a top beauty trend for 2012, such as the $250,000 black diamond Azature manicure, worn by Kelly Osbourne at the 2012 Emmy’s.

This was the year of the $13,000 Cle de Peau Beauté limited-release eye cream and $250,000 black diamond Azature manicure, sported by Kelly Osbourne at this year’s Emmy’s.

Trend #5-Big, Natural Eyebrows

Big, Natural Eyebrows were a top beauty trend for 2012.

Ladies didn’t pluck their eyebrows in 2012, they powdered them, filled them in and defined them with eyebrow gel, according to

Trend #6-Low Maintenance Hair Styles

A 2012 top beauty trend, the fishtail braid, worn by Kim Kardashian

Fishtail braids, simple pony tails and buns stacked on top of the head were some of the hottest hair trends this year.

Trend #7-The Colors Tangerine & Coral

One of 2012’s top beauty trends was the color tangerine or coral.

Coral and Tangerine were some of the hottest colors for lipstick, nail polish, make-up and even spilled into fashion this year.

Inquisitr readers: Did you sport any of these beauty trends during 2012? Do you agree with what made the list this year?

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