Texas Woman Allegedly Shoots Boyfriend, Cuts Him Up In Pieces For Ease Of Disposal

A Texas woman faces charges for shooting her boyfriend as he slept and then hacking his body into smaller pieces using a machete. Cierra Sutton, 30, has been charged with murder in this case after playing the worried girlfriend of her missing 32-year-old boyfriend since he was reported missing back on August 16.

ABC Channel 7 News reports that Sutton even moved in with her boyfriend’s family as the search for her missing beau was going on. Sutton’s close friend, Dominique Clark, spoke with ABC News about Sutton’s demeanor once she reported her boyfriend, Steven Coleman, missing.

Clark said about Sutton, “She played the role of an innocent person, and she played it to the fullest.”

Sutton played the role, but she eventually admitted to friends that she shot Coleman in the head while he was sleeping. Coleman, who was a big man, was too big for Sutton to move. To remedy that problem, she used a machete to hack the body into small pieces. She then disposed of these pieces in various dumpsters around the Baytown, Texas, apartment complex where they lived.

The couple lived at Briarwood Village Apartments on 1711 James Bowie Drive, and this is where police believe Coleman lost his life allegedly at the hands of Sutton. Eventually, Sutton told the story of how she killed her “missing boyfriend” to a few friends.

It was Sutton’s bragging to her friends that did her in. Police were tipped off by a “third party” as to Sutton’s killing and disposal of her boyfriend’s body pieces. According to CW 39, Sutton had told a friend that she wrapped the various body parts in sheets and secured them with duct tape before discarding them.

What Sutton did next was dispose of these pieces in various dumpsters around the Baytown, Texas, apartment complex. A male torso was found at the landfill that is used by Baytown and Pasadena for their garbage disposal.

While the torso found at the Chambers County landfill has yet to be identified as Coleman’s, police believe some of the “physical characteristics” of this torso do match the description they have of Coleman.

Before the torso was discovered in that landfill, Sutton stayed with Coleman’s family as they searched for him. Investigators found that Coleman’s credit card was used at a local Walmart. A look at the footage taken from the surveillance cameras at that store, a woman looking very similar to Sutton is seen buying a mattress pad and duct tape.


Investigators said witnesses saw Sutton and a few men moving furniture out of their apartment on August, 20, which was four days before investigators went to the apartment on August 24 to do a complete search. Despite some of the furniture being stripped from the apartment, police investigators found blood in several rooms of their home.

Blood was also found in the Jeep that Sutton owns. During the investigation, police spoke to some of Coleman’s friends. They told police that Coleman had said if he were ever to go missing to look into Sutton as the cause of his disappearance, according to ABC News. During their investigation, police attempted to interview Sutton, but she would not show up for the scheduled meetings.

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