Eye-Fi Now Offering Direct To Facebook Uploads From Your Digital Camera


Eye-Fi has just announced that their now offering Facebook support for their WiFi enabled memory cards for digital cameras. Using the program users can take pictures and then send them right to their Facebook accounts without need for a PC.

The new software also lets users tell their friends when they uploaded pictures to Facebook, while still providing already included access to 25 other already supported photo sharing websites.

There are currently various Eye-Fi SD cards available with entry level cards starting at 2GB capacity and a price of $49, with higher level cards up to 4GB fetching a higher $149 price tag.

Users should also realize that each card offers its own functionality, for example while all cards support Wifi and Wayport hotspot access, only Pro support offers Geo tagging and RAW images for DSLR users with SDHC capabilities. [Electronista]