President Trump Impeachment Calls Grow But Resignation Is Much More Likely [Report]

For many people, President Donald Trump is the most divisive figure ever to ascend the steps to the White House. Calls for Trump to be impeached are nothing new, they began just days after he was inaugurated in January. Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia to skew the presidential election and alleged obstruction of justice, by firing FBI Director James Comey, are the usual reasons cited for possible impeachment. With the Republicans having a majority in both houses, it would be easy to assume that the impeachment of a Republican president would be unlikely, but Trump has many enemies within his own party.

Congressman Al Green was one of the first to call for Trump’s impeachment, and he now has former friends turning on him. As reported by The Week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, formerly a vocal Trump supporter, is the latest to turn on the president. Coulter took to Twitter to ask “at this point, who doesn’t want Trump impeached.” Coulter also lashed out over Trump’s apparent U-turns on DACA and the border wall with Mexico. Coulter tweeted that “if we are not getting a wall, I’d prefer President Pence.”

Trump continues to be the most unpopular president in living memory. As reported in the Telegraph, Trump’s approval rating took a slight upturn after Hurricane Irma, but it is still at historic lows, with fewer than 40 percent of Americans approving of him. Bookmaker Ladbrokes give Trump a slightly less than 50 percent chance of surviving his first term in the office of president.

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Of course, just being an unpopular president does not mean that Trump will be impeached. The Huffington Post claims that Trump is more likely to resign from office and that his resignation may not be too far away.

“When Robert Mueller’s report comes out, the Republican leadership will quickly huddle, and tell Trump that he needs to resign or face impeachment.

“Trump could not do a better job of alienating the Republicans in Congress, who he needs to save his bacon, if it were his deliberate plan.”

Donald Trump has always had his detractors in the Republican party, but his recent deals with Democrats have enraged some of his extreme right supporters. As the Detroit News points out, even now it is unlikely that Trump could be forced from office by impeachment proceedings. If Meuller’s report into the Russia scandal does find wrongdoing by Trump or his team, it is much more likely that Trump would be forced to resign. The precedent already exists, Richard Nixon was forced to resign after the Watergate scandal.

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According to the Independent, Trump advisor Roger Stone warns that any politician who voted to impeach Trump would “endanger their own lives.” Stone also warned that impeachment proceedings against Trump would lead to “violent insurrection.”

Trump may have run out of goodwill by the time Robert Mueller’s report is released. If there is any finding of wrongdoing or criminal action, Trump is much more likely to resign than to be impeached, but as reported by the Independent, that didn’t stop former Labour Secretary Robert Reich describing Trump as “a clear and present danger to America” and demanding that Trump be impeached as soon as possible.

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