Trump Deems Kim Jong-Un ‘Rocket Man’ — Now The Song Is Stuck In Everyone’s Head

Elton John made the name famous in the 1970s, and Donald Trump has found a new use for it today: “Rocket Man.” Kim Jong-un, the notorious dictator of North Korea, is now in Trump’s Twitter world as Rocket Man. Donald Trump has become famous for doling out nicknames during his time in the political spotlight, especially to those who tend to give him friction to some degree.

From his days on the campaign trail calling Marco Rubio “Little Marco,” to one of his most famous coined nicknames, “Crooked Hillary,” he appears to have a knack for such things, or at least that’s what some folks are saying online today. According to Fox News, Trump is mocking Kim Jung-un on Twitter “while White House advisers said the isolated nation would face destruction unless it shelves its weapons programs and bellicose threats.”

The social media sites are having a field day with Rocket Man, with many brushing up on the lyrics from the Elton John song today. This Rocket Man nickname has people thinking about the 1972 Elton John song. Folks are actually complaining they can’t get the song out of their head across the social media sites. This is evident in one of the tweets reporting this, like the one below.

As The Hill reports, even a former Saturday Night Live actor tweeted that Trump’s tweet made him look up the lyrics, as seen below.

Trump has been battling the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, and his infatuation with firing off rockets since he stepped into the White House. According to Fox, Trump talked with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in today and discussed North Korea. According to NPR News, Trump and Seoul talked about Rocket Man and vowed to put more pressure on North Korea.

According to Fox, Trump tweeted about “long gas lines” in North Korea, which may have been his way of alluding to the sanctions working, according to Fox. That tweet can be seen below.

More economic sanctions were imposed earlier this month by the United Nations Security Council, which included the economic sanction of cutting off petroleum supplies. Trump is diligently working to get the U.S. allies in the area, including South Korea, to pressure Kim into ending his nuclear weapon pursuit.

The citizens of Japan are taking cover when sirens blare, which they did last week when North Korea sent a missile sailing over the Japanese island of Hokkaido. This was the second time in three weeks.

Kim Jong-un has conducted numerous inter-continental missile launches and six nuclear bomb tests. This is being done with the goal of attaching a nuclear warhead to a rocket, one that will be able to reach foreign soil, reports Fox.

According to NPR, this was Kim’s 15th missile test this year, and the first since the country tested its “most powerful nuclear weapon yet.” This “immediately drew a raft of international condemnation.”

Trump and the president of South Korea will meet on the margins of next week’s United Nations General Assembly. This is where they will continue their discussions on North Korea and the next steps that need to be taken.

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