Engine Fails On American Flight, Not For The First Time

An engine failed on an American Airlines flight from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport shortly after takeoff on Friday in an incident that is not uncommon for the airline in recent years.

The plane, a MD-80, suffered the problem shortly after take off on Friday afternoon, but was able to turn around and land again in Cleveland without incident.

Yahoo! News notes that the flight, which was scheduled to go to Dallas, was carrying 139 passengers and crew members. A spokesman for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport stated that people on the ground reportedly saw a problem with the plane’s engine shortly after the plane took off.

The passengers are currently waiting for their luggage to be transferred to another plane so that they can board and leave.

This is not the first time that an American Airlines jet has had engine problems during flight, according to Fox News. In April, an American Airlines plane traveling from Kona, Hawaii suffered engine problems about an hour before it was supposed to land. The crew was able to shut the engine down and land safely at Los Angeles International Airport.

In April of 2011, a MD-82 plane was forced to land just six minutes after it took off from Phoenix, headed to Dallas, because of engine problems, notes ABC-7.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman stated that the plane had just left the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport when it lost power in one engine for an unknown reason. Spokesman Ian Gregor explained that the plane’s captain immediately declared an emergency and the flight circled back to Phoenix where it landed safely.

An American Airlines spokeswoman stated at the time that there was a problem with the plane that kept its left engine from receiving full power. It was inspected and repaired. Passengers on the flight were either given compensation or put on the next available flight to Dallas.

It is not yet clear the cause of the latest flight’s engine problem. Does the latest engine failure on an American Airlines flight make you cautious of booking with them?

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