Josh Duggar Called Out For Pedophilia In New Baby Posts, Fans Think Wife Anna Shouldn’t Have Kids

Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar, just welcomed their fifth baby into the world. This is their first child since the scandals broke loose in 2015. Not only was Josh Duggar accused of having an account on Ashley Madison, an online service that connects people looking for extramarital affairs, but also molesting five underage girls, most of whom were his sisters. His crimes got his family’s famous show, 19 Kids and Counting, canceled and he disappeared from public life, even after the spinoff show, Counting On, started to air.

Even after two years and a new baby later, the 29-year-old Duggar is experiencing fans of the TLC show still calling him and his wife out on his pedophilia. Recently, the Duggar family posted a bunch of videos on their blog, with couples congratulating the couple for their new son, but this post got overrun with criticisms.

When the molestation scandal came into the public’s view, the family immediately sent Josh Duggar away to a faith-based rehab facility. The fans reacted to this in the comments, saying that “you can’t pray pedophilia away” and that he may still have the potential to molest his own children.

Some fans went into a deeper analysis by putting up an argument against Josh and Anna having more kids.

“I pray that God blesses everyone but,” a fan wrote in the comments. “It should be illegal for an admitted child molester to procreate and create children. Josh admitted to molesting 4 different sisters so it did not happen just once; it happened multiple times. Any woman that would have children with an admitted child molester and pedophile I would have to recommend an intensive psychological examination.”

“People say Josh went to rehab and I will be honest here,” the fan continued. “I have 4 children. If my son molested his siblings I don’t care what therapy he received I would never trust him again. My kids mental and physical well-being comes first. Once you decide to be a child molester and pedophile I never want to see you again. I was molested as a child so I know the severe damage it does.”

While the majority of the comments fell on Josh, still some of them noticed that some responsibility fell on Anna. A few of the followers expressed that she should leave her husband with a criminal past and that she should “stop being so controlled by him.”

However, there is another group of fans that praise Anna for being strong against all adversities. They laud her for keeping her kids together and sticking through the rough times so that she can remain accountable and faithful to her family.

“Anna not only LOOKS amazing, she IS amazing,” a fan commented on the baby announcement. “Strong, generous and courageous. [In my honest opinion], she is a marvelous example of all that is good about being a woman. I sincerely wish her a happily ever after.”

The arrival of the new baby is a big cause for celebration, but there is another conflict that is brewing in the Duggars. Just a few months ago, the Duggar sisters – Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna – sued the city of Springdale, Arkansas, and InTouch Magazine for violating their privacy on the issue of Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal. They argue that they were minors then and had the full rights to have their identity protected.

A few weeks later, Josh Duggar requested to join this lawsuit in a bizarre turn of events. He claimed that he also was a minor at the time of the crime and that he also deserved to have his identity protected.

Now, the sisters are asking the judge to ban their brother from joining their case, showing that there is a clear divide amongst the Duggar siblings. It looks like, despite the wholesome and positive image they show on TLC, the family is not as united as the fans perceive.

The older sisters offered advice for Joy on her wedding day! Link in the bio.

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Meanwhile, Josh and Anna have been plotting their return to reality TV with Jim Bob Duggar, his father, making cases to the producers.

“[Jim Bob Duggar, Josh’s father] spent a month trying to convince TLC that Josh should be back on the show,” a source told In Style Weekly. “They finally caved and agreed to let him film an upcoming Counting On webisode where he’ll talk about his joy at learning he’s going to be a father again. [If the episode is well-received] he’ll appear on the next season of Counting On.”

Do you think Josh’s appearance on Counting On will spur protests or praises from the fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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