‘BB19’ Spoilers: Who Hosted Jury Roundtable And Who Do Jurors Hate? Rumored Leak Reveals Who Could Win Game

Near the end of every Big Brother season, a jury roundtable is held at which all of the evicted houseguests who are now jury members get together with a former player leading the group, and discuss their thoughts about the players left in the game. According to a rumored leak from this event, jurors seem to be laser-focused on one player they seem to hate and definitely don’t want to see win the game.

The leak comes from Big Brother fan site Hamsterwatch, which in the past has offered readers reliable information. According to the report, the jury roundtable was full of “bitter” jurors who have a clear loser, rather than a winner, in mind.

Of the jury roundtable, Hamsterwatch wrote the following.

“A little birdie told me last night’s jury round table was a whole lot of bitter, so much so that only Matt and Raven planned to vote for Paul, should he be in the finals. Of course that could change by Wednesday, but it’s interesting to say the least. Dr. Will hosted the candlelight deliberation again.”

Hamsterwatch went on to say that the only thing that can be relied upon this season is that no matter who wins Big Brother 19, “the fanbase [sic] will riot.”

If the information about the jury roundtable is true, this means that famed Big Brother player, Dr. Will Kirby, a fan favorite, was back at the jury house and that most of the BB19 jurors, besides Matthew Clines and Raven Walton, have developed a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to Paul Abrahamian. On finale night, if Paul is in the final two, he may lose despite who’s sitting next to him simply because of this.

According to the most recent live feed update by RHAP, the leak reported by Hamsterwatch is believable. Live Feed Correspondent, Taran Armstrong, noted that Hamsterwatch is a “fairly reliable source” and said, “We’ve got some leaks happening… this could be an interesting finale here…”

Taran further stated that the “little birdie” that revealed this most recent leak to the woman behind Hamsterwatch is the same person that gave her information before the BB19 season began that veteran Big Brother player Paul would be returning as a houseguest this year.

As a disclaimer, Taran also made it clear that Hamsterwatch is not saying the leak is definite but is relying on it because of the source, who’s been right about spoilers in the past. Taran emphasized he tends to believe this information because the other jurors are not particularly fond of Matt and Raven, especially if they are continuously pushing for Paul to win. In fact, he said they might be “so obnoxious that they’ve turned everyone off from voting for Paul…”

It should be noted that spoilers have revealed that Paul won the first round of the final BB19 Head of Household (HOH) competition and Josh won the second part. If Paul wins the third part of this final challenge, live feeds have revealed he plans to take Josh to the final two, while Josh has also said he plans to bring Paul with him. This means Christmas Abbott’s game could be over at this point, but nothing is set in stone until decisions are actually made finale night.

However, if Paul and Josh are in the final two of Big Brother 19, and if the rumored leak about the jury roundtable is true, Josh will almost certainly win BB19.

The two-hour Big Brother 19 finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]