Trump Clocks Hillary With Golf Ball In Gag Video: Fury Erupts As Trump Retweets This Little Ditty

For some, it was hilarious seeing Donald Trump hitting a golf ball and clocking Hillary Clinton off the back in a gag video. Some people “liked” the video online that showed Hillary falling down after getting clipped with the golf ball in a viral retweet. But for many others, it spawned fury. Donald Trump did not create the video clip, that was spliced together to make it look as if he dinged Hillary off her back, but he retweeted the clip.

Someone somewhere tweeted the clip to Trump, who in turn apparently retweeted it to his millions of followers. CNN News not only aired the clip with a disclaimer of sorts, but they claimed General John Kelly was brought on Trump’s staff for many things, but one of his new duties was to vet the tweets sent out by the President.

According to Fox News Sunday, which is one of many stations that showed the clip to its viewers, while they acknowledge the clip is a joke, they did say this video has many wondering today if this should have been retweeted by the President. The clip Trump retweeted is seen below in the YouTube video near the end of this article.

A creative Twitter user spliced a clip of Donald Trump taking a powerful swing at a golf ball and then it cuts out to a shot of Hillary tripping while boarding a plane. The golf ball is spliced into the clip to make it look as though Trump’s drive hit her on the back and then caused her to tumble over.

According to the Raw Story, the CNN anchors appeared dumbfounded after they showed the clip to Sunday morning’s CNN Inside Politics panel. Before airing the clip, they offered up a bit of a warning to the audience. CNN anchor John King conveyed that the person who tweeted the clip in the first place has a Twitter handle that might be considered inappropriate.

During the discussion after they showed Trump’s retweeted clip, the CNN panel started with: “The president of the United States retweeted that this morning,” CNN host John King noted. “Why?”

New York Times reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis explained. “He’s a disrupter. He has these impulses, he enjoys engaging on social media. You hear him talking about that, that is so important to his identity. People want to hear from him.” She did say though that it was a bit “unusual.” That is when King noted that they can’t even find the words to describe this video, leaving the discussion panel rather dumbfounded.

Check out the clip below.

A CNN News article suggests that even General Kelly’s presence on the Trump team didn’t stop “the President from “reverting to his old social media habits.” They go on to say that Kelly wasn’t there to stop Trump from tweeting altogether, but he was supposed to vet the tweets before Trump set them free to the masses.

Trump had Hillary on his radar earlier this week when he tweeted how she “blames everybody (and everything) but herself for her election loss.” Trump retweeted about a half a dozen of his supporters tweets this Sunday morning by 8:30. The majority of the tweets predicting that Trump would win just about every state in the 2020 election, according to CNN. Then Trump threw in the retweeted clip, which was deemed “hilarious,” and “funny” by some on the social media sites. Others thought he went a retweet too far.

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