Katie Layne Quackenbush: Country Singer Who Shot Homeless Man In Nashville Has $2.5M Trust Fund, Report Says

Katie Quackenbush, the 26-year-old aspiring country singer who was charged with attempted murder this week after she shot a homeless man who asked her to move her Porsche SUV at around 3 a.m. near Nashville’s Music Row, comes from a wealthy background and has a $2.5 million trust fund, according to statements made by a man who says he was engaged to Quackenbush six years ago. Ian McGrath was quoted by the Daily Mail describing Quackenbush — who performs under the name Katie Layne — as having a “superiority complex” due to her wealth.

But despite her affluence, Quackenbush has worked as a stripper and her photos have appeared on an adult website advertising an “escort” using the name “Presley Brooks” and charging $800 for her services, according to both the Daily Mail report and a report on the East Nashville News site, which may be accessed at this link. While the photos apparently resemble Quackenbush, whether they are indeed photos of the Nashville shooter has not been independently confirmed.

Daily Mail said that its reporters contacted Quackenbush’s father, Texas-based lawyer Jesse Melton, but he would not comment on the escort and stripper allegations.

East Nashville News site, however, reported that it confirmed the allegations with “independent sources.” To see a gallery of photos apparently of Katie Quackenbush, some of them “selfies,” click on this link. But be warned, some of the photos at the link contain mild partial nudity.

On Tuesday, Quackenbush was charged with attempted murder in the shooting of 54-year-old Gerald Doug Melton, himself an amateur musician but one who, according to a story in The Tennessean newspaper this week, appears to have no career ambitions with music.

The following video of Melton singing and playing guitar appeared online last year.

According to police, Melton was attempting to sleep on a sidewalk near Nashville’s famed Music Row when Quackenbush and a friend pulled up in Quackenbush’s $60,000 Porsche SUV, with loud music blaring. Bothered by the music and the vehicle’s exhaust, Melton asked Quackenbush to move the Porsche. Instead, Quackenbush retrieved a gun from the car and shot Melton twice in the stomach, then drove to a nearby restaurant.

But Quackenbush’s father told a different story, saying that Melton had accosted and threatened his daughter. She fired at him only as “warning shots,” the elder Melton claimed, saying his daughter — the single mom of a 5-year-old son — never intended to hit the homeless man with the bullets.

Read the Inquisitr coverage of the bizarre incident at this link. Melton remains hospitalized and friends have started a GoFundMe campaign at this link to help with his medical expenses.

While Quackenbush has no criminal convictions, she was arrested in 2013 on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. In December of last year, she was accused of striking another woman with a drinking glass.

Quackenbush took to the YouTube page for her recently uploaded music video “Outlaw Love” to defend herself, stating on the page, “MEDIA LIES – SO MANY FACTS ABOUT THE CASE NOT BEING SHOWN ON MEDIA. INSTEAD OF JUDGING HOW ABOUT YOU LOOK INTO MORE INFORMATION. IM [sic] NOT A BAD PERSON.”

Here is the Katie Layne video for “Outlaw Love,” a song the page says is taken from an EP by Quackenbush, aka Layne, titled Classy Like Yer Mom.

According to Ian McGrath, who says that he is Quackenbush’s ex-fiance — though another man is the father of her son — when the then-couple lived in Denver, Quackenbush would ridicule him and his friends for being poor, using the “N-word” to describe them, according to another East Nashville News report.

In the Daily Mail report, which quotes a YouTube video posted by McGrath, the man says that the alleged shooting of Melton “is just like, completely in her character. This really doesn’t surprise me at all. This sounds just like her.” Watch McGrath’s video in which he discusses Quackenbush at this link.

[Featured Image by Nashville Metro Police/AP Images]

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