Disney’s ‘Planes’ Will Take To The Air Next Year

When happens when you take Pixar’s Cars, give it wings, and toss it into the air? You get Walt Disney’s Planes, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters next year.

The film is supposedly a spin-off of the popular Pixar hit, though it remains to be seen if any of the movie’s iconic characters will make an appearance in Planes. Regardless, Disney executives are crossing their fingers the film is a hit at the box office.

According to Cinema Blend, the film was originally planned as a direct to video release. At some point along the way, the company made the decision to forgo the home video release for now and take the film to theaters.

The story reportedly follows the aerial adventures of a cropduster named Dusty who decides he wants to compete in an around-the-world race. In other words, it’s another “against all odds” story set against the background of a competition. See Ryan Reynold’s upcoming Turbo for another example of this formula in motion.

Deadline reports that Two and a Half Men veteran Jon Cryer was originally slated to star as Dusty in the production, though negotiations with the actor reportedly fell through. It’s unclear who will end up tackling the role in his place.

Although Disney said that Planes is “sort of” spin-off to Cars and Cars 2, it’s worth noting that Pixar is not crafting the flick. Depending on your opinion of the studio, that’s either a good thing or a bad thing.

Collider explains that Disney’s decision to release Planes on August 9, 2013 puts it against a number of high-profile Hollywood endeavors. Not only is the film up against District 9 director Elysium, the spin-off will have to contend with the likes of We’re the Millers starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. Maybe this will give the kids something to watch while the adults are catching saltier offerings.

Are you looking forward to Disney’s Planes? Do you plan to catch the film when it hit theaters next summer?