Mark Olic Porter Allegedly Used 1-Million-Volt Zap Stun Cane In Racist Attack, Pooped In Cop Car

A so-called stun cane named the “Zap Cane” is getting lots of attention after news of a racist attack has emerged. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, 58-year-old Mark Olic Porter has been charged with using a million-volt stun cane on Mike Waldvogel. Mike reportedly heard Porter yell the N-word and say “get out of here” to Waldvogel’s 7-year-old son. That’s when Mark allegedly used the powerful stun cane to assault his African-American neighbor who had moved in near Waldvogel. If Mark is convicted, he will face a maximum 10-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. Waldvogel told Porter to stop yelling at his young son, and that’s when Porter allegedly reached over a railing and used his stun cane to hit Mike in the neck.

The incident had such impact on the boy, who witnessed the incident as he played on his scooter nearby, that the young boy had his family place an elliptical trainer inside their door, blocking the entrance, for at least one week after the attack because he was so afraid. Porter was arrested and will have to appear in an Arizona court to answer charges. Waldvogel reported to authorities that he was indeed shocked by the stun cane, but was able to get away from Porter, apparently taking the “Zap Cane” with him. A police officer in Draper, Utah, saw a red injury on Mike’s neck, and reports of Porter smelling of alcohol were made.

Porter then struggled with two police officers, according to the police report, and knocked one of the body cameras off one of the officers. Even when the officers got the handcuffs on Porter, he continued to struggle and elbowed a cop. After threatening to defecate in the patrol car, Porter pooped in the back of the cop car. Waldvogel, meanwhile, said that it was like watching a movie but a “traumatizing” one.

A walking cane retrofitted with a stun gun can be seen in the photo above of items confiscated by the TSA. A “Zap Self-Defense Stun Cane” can also be seen on Amazon, which comes with more than 100 customer reviews. The mixed reviews find some people praising the stun cane, while others claim it isn’t strong enough.

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