Controversial Rapper XXXtentacion Lynching Video Attracts Attention From KKK

The internet went nuts after rapper XXXtentacion’s disturbing video for the song “Look at Me” went viral. The promotional video, which features a toddler being lynched by the rapper, has become infamous overnight scoring a whopping 10 million views on YouTube in just the first 48 hours. The video may have been taken out of context, considering the lyrics seem to suggest that the rapper is against both white on black, black on white and black on black violence. The click-bait controversy seems to have been fairly counterproductive, however, seeing as the disturbing visuals of a child being lynched turned more than a few stomachs.

The rapper has reportedly been threatened by the KKK since his video went public. In an Instagram post (which has since been deleted) the caller left an aggressive and threatening message fraught with profanity.

“You want to kill white people? You want to kill Black people? You want to play with the K, mother***ker. We’re gonna tear your mother****ing’ a** down, b***h. We’re coming for ya.”

As reported in XXL magazine, it’s not been made clear how the caller was able to obtain XXX’s number. While the video was still up, X had commented saying that he purposefully made his “Look at Me” video to create a strong reaction from the KKK and others who support their beliefs. The video was made “to reach these people” in order to show their response, as far as that goes, the rapper says it has done “exactly what it was supposed to do.” Drawing out potential murder threats and attacks in order to expose “the hate that never stays in the public eye” was his primary intended aim.

This wouldn’t be the first time the rapper had evoked strong reactions that ended in threats or actual violence. This June, he was knocked out while performing on stage. Beefs with former DeGrassi High Star turned rapper Drake, Rob Stone, and others. It was reportedly an affiliate of Rob Stone who was responsible for decking him on stage this Summer.

BET notes that the timing on this is a bit questionable as well. His video for “Look at Me” features the 19-year-old rapper inciting riots before the lynching of a small, white boy is portrayed. Court documents released show that XXX may have physically and verbally abused his now pregnant girlfriend. Allegations that he had beaten her and even threatened to kill her have also surfaced. BET points out that despite the use of “provocative visuals” to make his point on, albeit, an important topic, his message may end up drowned out by the clickbait controversy and legal struggles pending.

[Featured Image by Tim Boyle/Staff/Getty Images]