Is ‘Outlaw King’ The Next ‘Outlander’? Everything We Know About Netflix And Chris Pine’s Epic New Drama

Chris Pine is filming a new Netflix movie centered around the exploits of Robert the Bruce. Directed by David Mackenzie, Outlaw King is currently in production in Scotland until November and is expected to hit the streaming service in 2018. With the movie deeply rooted in Scottish history and starring one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, is Outlaw King the next Outlander?

According to The Scottish Sun, actor Tony Curran revealed that shooting will take place in several locations across Scotland, including the Borders, the Highlands, and Glasgow. Despite all the secrecy surrounding the project, Curran confirmed that he is playing the part of Angus Macdonald, a kingsman and lord of Bruce.

“It’s a big project about Bruce and I’ve never really seen a film about him,” Curran shared. “He is such a historical and iconic figure of Scotland it’s amazing it’s never really been done before.”

Few details are known about Outlaw King. Last month, several casting agencies announced a call for bearded Scots to appear as extras. The crew then released a promotional poster that promised a story about a real-life David and Goliath and the bravery of Robert the Bruce. The historical figure was featured in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, though many fans criticized the movie for its historical inaccuracies.

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While we wait to learn more about the exciting film, The Scottish Sun released images of Pine and James Cosmo filming horseback scenes in Scotland this past week. The actors were spotted riding horses in medieval costumes close to Edinburgh. Pine noticed the cameras were on him and offered up a one-fingered salute to anyone watching.

Pine has not commented on the new project, though it has already generated a lot of buzz online. If the movie lives up to the hype, then it certainly could give Outlander a run for its money. Outlaw King is the latest of three films to shoot in Scotland. In August, fans watched the cast and crew of T2: Trainspotting and Avengers Infinity War take to the shores for several high production scenes.

The full cast list for Outlaw King has not been released. According to Deadline, Pine’s Hell or High Water co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to star as Scottish knight James Douglas, who served as Bruce’s close advisor.

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver [Image via Marvel Studios]
Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ [Image by Marvel Studios]

Outlaw King is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2018.

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