New Kenneka Jenkins Videos: 3 Rosemont Hotel Surveillance Videos Released – None Show Kenneka Entering Freezer

There are three new videos showing Kenneka Jenkins before the 19-year-old died tragically, with her body found in the walk-in freezer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont. The first video below shows Kenneka walking through the kitchen of the hotel, with Jenkins swaying a little as she walks. Additional videos below from the security footage show red squares around Kenneka, as if the camera is recognizing the presence of Jenkins and her movements. The last video looks progressively worse, as Kenneka grips a handrail and stumbles back a bit. Jenkins appears as if she is under the influence of a substance.

The videos have been published to the YouTube account of the Chicago Sun-Times, and there are more videos to come, according to Heavy. The new videos released by authorities help to clarify some of the mystery that has surrounded Kenneka’s death and adds to the plethora of social media videos and video analyses about the death case that have swirled around the web for days. Kenneka seems to wander helplessly and aimlessly in the videos, but the videos do not yet display the footage of Jenkins entering a Chicago-area hotel freezer. Kenneka’s family noted that they had not been shown a video of Kenneka walking into a freezer.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the new videos showing Kenneka wandering around the Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel were released on September 15. There will be more videos released, with authorities initially releasing nine video clips, but with 36 more hours to be released at a later date. It is not clear why authorities are waiting to release all of the security footage involving Jenkins. However, these first videos are the first time that the public is getting a chance to view security videos of Kenneka, with the public mainly viewing Facebook Live and Snapchat videos of Kenneka at the party at the center of the controversy.

These new videos showing Kenneka stumbling through hallways in the Crowne Plaza Hotel and through a kitchen have brought out a whole new brand of conspiracy theorists out of the corners of the web. In comments beneath the videos, some viewers claim that they don’t believe the video footage shows Kenneka at all, but an “actress” hired to pretend to be Jenkins. Others are writing theories about Kenneka being intentionally killed so that her organs could be harvested, a common urban legend.

Other outlets, such as the Daily Mail below, claim that the videos show Kenneka stumbling into the freezer where Jenkins’ body was found, frozen solid.

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