Disney Will Pay Cast Members For Time Missed During Forced Closing In Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma caused a lot of trouble and heartache for many people, but some companies and businesses are trying to give back. Walt Disney World was forced to keep its park doors closed for just the fifth time in history and it caused a lot of people to miss out on work and pay. Well, Disney has now announced that they will be paying wages to all cast members who ended up with a cancelled shift due to the forced closure.

Disney has already revealed they will donate $2.5 million to recovery and relief efforts for those affected by Irma and another $1 million for those in Hurricane Harvey. On top of that, they will match any Disney employee donations dollar for dollar to help out even more.

Now, Disney is doing what they can for their own and it is what the labor unions hoped would happen.

As reported by My News 13, union workers at Walt Disney World will receive the wages they missed during the force park closures for Hurricane Irma. On Thursday, labor unions began asking for those wages from Disney and after discussion, it appears as if their voices were truly heard.

On Friday, a number of cast members came together at the front of Disney property and were led by a union representative.

“A representative of Disney called the heads of each union to report that they have decided to pay all cast members for their lost shifts on Sunday and Monday this past week.”

While this is a good thing for those in labor unions, some may wonder what it means for those who aren’t in one. Well, Disney has also confirmed that they will pay lost wages to non-unionized cast members as well.

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Walt Disney World closing for the fifth time in history is something that was absolutely and completely necessary due to the sheer size and strength of Hurricane Irma. There was nothing that anyone could do about the parks remaining closed and it was absolutely necessary for the safety of all guests and cast members. Now, the labor unions have had Disney work with them so that employees will receive any missed wages during the storm.

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