London Terror Attack: Donald Trump Wants ‘Larger, Stricter’ Travel Ban To Stop Terrorism

The London attack at the Parsons Green tube station has the world on high alert for terror attacks once again. The attack occurred at Parsons Green subway station on Friday morning, just as Londoners were hurrying to work and school. According to Maclean’s, a homemade bomb exploded in a subway car, leading to a panicked stampede of rush-hour commuters and an injury toll of at least 22 people.

President Donald Trump responded to the London attack in a series of tweets that concluded the United States “must be proactive and nasty” in how they deal with terrorists. As Newsweek wrote, Trump tweeted that most terrorists get their information and organize their attacks by using the internet, “which we must cut off & use better!”

In the wake of the London terror attack, Trump described terrorists as “losers,” the same word he used after the Ariana Grande concert attack in May. That explosion killed 22 people as they were preparing to leave the arena after the concert.

The Independent reported that Trump’s twitter account has several tweets focusing on the dangers of the internet when it comes to terrorism. On the morning of the London tube attacks, Trump tweeted his ongoing conviction that the world is not taking tough enough action where terror attacks and terror recruiting are concerned.

He went on to accuse the British police of having previous knowledge of the “sick and demented” people responsible for the London attack on Friday morning.

Trump has frequently tweeted that the internet is a terrorist tool and that there have to be tougher restrictions on who gets to be online and who gets to enter the United States.

U.K. residents rallied to protest Trump’s travel ban in January of 2017. [Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

In another in the series of tweets following the London tube attack, the president said that the travel ban should be much “larger, tougher, and more specific.” He also reminded his followers that political correctness prevents increased travel restrictions.

The president also tweeted that his administration has “made more progress” against ISIS and terror attacks in the few months since his inauguration than Barack Obama made during his eight years in office.

The Telegraph wrote that British Prime Minister Theresa May was critical of Trump’s attitude in the wake of the London attacks. She said that Trump’s accusations of Scotland Yard’s prior knowledge were “unhelpful” and that the “full circumstances” of the attack are not known yet.

A police officer helps a woman injured during the Parsons Green terror attack. [Image by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images]

The attackers appeared to use a bucket bomb that did not fully detonate. Although the device may not have exploded completely, witnesses reported a flash and a bang, followed by a terrifying fireball.

[Featured Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

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