London Subway Bomb Shot Fireball Through Packed Car, Burning Faces And Hair Of Victims

It was at the height of morning rush hour on Friday when an explosion sparked panic in a packed London tube train. 22 people are reported injured, many of them burned after a fireball created by this explosion shot through the tube car. Victims are suffering from “flash burns,” on exposed skin, along with the fireball burning the hair of some passengers, according to the latest updates.

Fox & Friends live coverage of the suspected London terrorist attack puts 22 people in the hospital with “serious flash burns.” The bomb was hidden in a white plastic bucket, which was placed in one corner of the train. This “homemade bomb” had wires hanging out of it and it was still on fire after the train was evacuated. The device is being referred to on Fox as something similar to an “IUD in a bucket.”

It was a simple construction bucket, that didn’t seem at all out of place, described witnesses. The bucket was the vessel used to carry that bomb and contain it once it was put on the train. This device was a rather crude device, made with objects easily obtained.

According to the Evening Standard, that attack occurred at the Parsons Green Station at about 8:20 a.m. sending panic across the train and the station. The explosion was triggered once the doors of the train opened at the station, witnesses report. The bomb set off a stampede as people tried to get off the train and those in the station attempted to flee the platform.

The scene of people fleeing was described by Fox as “people tumbling down the stairs” of the station after getting knocked down in the stampede. They describe “children hanging on to the back of peoples coats,” being led out of the underground subway.” Below is a picture of that bucket that held the explosive device.

The latest details coming from Fox & Friends indicate that the bomb was triggered by a timer and “it did not fully detonate.” The bomb did cause some serious burns and it is believed at least one of the victims is a child who is being treated at a local hospital. Children use the subway to go to school in the morning, so there are usually quite a few kids riding the train at the time the bomb went off.

The “fireball” is described by many of the witnesses on that train, which was triggered by the explosion. That fire ball and shot it through the length of the train. Reports of hair burning and faces left with burns from this fireball are also heard from witnesses.

The video below shows the remnants of the white bucket that contained the bomb still burning immediately following the train emptying out. According to Fox & Friends this morning there are “unconfirmed” reports of law enforcement in the process of dealing with a second device found this morning. Again, these are “unconfirmed reports.”

Besides the burns suffered from the device exploding, people were injured after being trampled on making their way out of the station. According to the New York Times this morning, the explosion in the London subway car is being treated as a terrorist attack. The preliminary reports indicate no life threatening injuries occurred from this subway bomb attack. While some of the burns are referred to as “serious” on Fox, everyone is expected to live.

This bomb left on the District Line train brought the train service in the Southwest London station to a screeching halt this morning. A manhunt is underway for the person who left that bomb on the subway train.

London is riddled with closed circuit cameras and inspectors are already combing through the footage from these cameras that were taken from a vast area, both inside the station and the surrounding neighborhood of the station. A witness described being at the other end of the car when the explosion occurred.

Natalie Bedford, 42, said she was “down on the other side of the carriage” when she heard a “big boom.” Immediately following the boom, she could feel “heat on her face.” She said she went running for her life, but the train doors were “packed with people” and the “carriage was too packed to move.”

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