‘Overwatch’ Is Free Next Weekend On PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One

Junkertown map will be included in next Overwatch free weekend

Prospective agents of Overwatch that have yet to try the first-person shooter have a chance to play for free next weekend. Another free weekend for Blizzard Entertainment’s popular competitive hero-based shooter is coming up, giving everyone an opportunity to see if Overwatch is right for them. The upcoming free weekend begins on September 22, and ends on September 25.

Like previous free weekend periods for Overwatch, players can test their mettle on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. During the weekend, almost everything is accessible to a free player. The Arcade, Custom Games, Quick Play, and Vs AI are available to them. All 25 heroes and 16 maps are open to players during a free weekend as well, according to the game’s website. The only thing unavailable to a free player is the game’s ranked competitive mode.

All progress that is made during the Overwatch free weekend will carry over if a player decides to purchase the game. Players can level their account, earn loot boxes, and collect cosmetic items that will remain in their possession if they do buy the game. Of course, players will need to ensure that the account that is used during the free weekend is the one associated with the purchase in order to keep their progress.

Overwatch free weekend for the month of September 2017

A free Battle.net account is required to play on PC, while those on console will need to have an active subscription for their console. PlayStation 4 players will need an active PlayStation Plus account to access the free weekend, while Xbox One owners will need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play.

Players can download the client for the free weekend via the Battle.net launcher on PC. On PS4, players will need to find the “Overwatch Free Weekend” selection in the PlayStation Store after a search for “Overwatch” only. Xbox One players can search for the “Overwatch: Origins Edition” in the Xbox One Store and select “Free Trial” to download the client.

Overwatch free weekend will include Junkertown map

By the time the free weekend begins, the new Junkertown escort map will be added to the game. As the Inquisitr reported, the new map is expected to release on September 19, giving Overwatch players a fourth escort map option.

[Featured Image by Blizzard Entertainment]