Huffpost Gets It So Wrong On Australia Shark Story, I Puked In My Mouth

Is you live outside of the Unites States, there’s a part-myth about how dumb American’s are when it comes to the rest of the world. It’s not completely true, but when it comes to the Huffington Post, it’s true with bells on.

In an article that is in the top 5 posts on The Huffington Post as I write this (and I quote) “beach goers in Australia are understandably nervous about swimming after a great white shark was discovered that had been bitten in half” (link.)

Wow, a shark attack has put the whole of Australia on alert…because apparently Australia is about as big as Long Island and everyone is scared shitless.

Where do you start on the wrongness there? Lets start with some facts though, because The Huffington Post showed some “facts” in an embedded video. Apparently in a post-Mexican immigration America, they only understand Spanish and not ENGLISH.

The video shows that an incident occurred off Stradbroke Island, in Queenslnd. For those outside of Australia, Stradbroke Island is in South East Queensland. Let me point it out on a map:

But if the map isn’t enough, let me explain some more, because Australia is rather unique. You see, we’re the only continent that’s also an island. We don’t share a land border with any other country. According to Google, we have 25,760km of coast line. The United States, which shares multiple borders, has 19,924kms of coast line (including Hawaii and Alaska). So apparently, despite having more coastline than the entire United States combined, one incident in one part of the country scares us all. If a shark incident occurred in Miami Beach, based on the Huffpost’s idea of a story, the whole country would be alert!

Hey Huffington Post, here’s the thing. I love what you guys are doing generally, but when it comes to outside the United States, don’t do it, because YOU ARE A JOKE. And a pathetic joke at that. Try Geography 101, it won’t kill you.

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