Tyler Tessier, Boyfriend Of Maryland Teacher Laura Wallen, Charged With Murder

Tyler Tessier, the boyfriend of pregnant Maryland school teacher, Laura Wallen, who went missing and was found dead, has been charged with murder and is being held without bail. Wallen’s body was found in a shallow grave on a farm in Damascus, Maryland in Montgomery County according to police. At the time of Wallen’s disappearance, Tessier was reportedly engaged to another woman and possibly dating a third.

Tessier is being represented by a public defender, Victoria Kawecki, who argued that Tyler Tessier deserves bail. Kawecki said that Tessier has no prior criminal history and that he has lived in Maryland most of his life. But prosecutors have built a thorough case against Tessier, claiming that he plotted the attack on Laura Wallen by luring her to the farm where he killed her and then told a string of lies to cover it up.

Montgomery County Police Chief Tom Manger said that Tyler Tessier was living in three different locations leading up to the murder of Laura Wallen, and he was deceiving Wallen, her family, and others.

“This is one of those tragic cases where you have an absolutely innocent victim. Just a senseless killing.”

Manger said that prosecutors still haven’t decided whether to charge Tyler Tessier in the death of Laura Wallen’s unborn child. Police Chief Manger also explained that Laura Wallen played a role in Tessier’s arrest because before her death, she texted a photo of the field in Damascus where she was found to her sister, Jennifer. Wallen included a message saying that Tyler Tessier had taken her to that field, and she didn’t know why.

Tessier’s family could not be reached for comment Thursday.

At a press conference on Monday, Tyler Tessier held the hand of Laura Wallen’s mother and made a plea for Laura’s safe return. Montgomery County police now say that the last text Wallen’s family received on September 4th was not from Wallen, but it was from Tessier, who also dumped her car in nearby Howard County. Last night, Chief Manger held a brief press conference.

“Tyler Tessier was charged with murdering Laura Wallen, a social studies teacher at Wilde Lake High after her body was discovered in a shallow grave in the woods of Damascus, Montgomery County.”

On the Montgomery County official Statement of Charges, the police have written a six-page report outlining the timeline that led up to the death of Laura Wallen and what happened after Tyler Tessier ended her life. Laura Wallen’s sister, Jennifer Kadi is the person who reported Wallen missing, and Kadi detailed the time prior to Wallen’s disappearance, including the time when Laura Wallen discovered she was pregnant.

Kadi said that Tyler Tessier asked Laura’s father if he could marry Laura and that the couple’s plan was to marry after the baby was born. Tessier attended doctor’s appointments, and there was never any mention that anyone but Tessier could be the father of the unborn child.

After Laura was murdered, Tessier allegedly used Wallen’s phone to send a text to Kadi that was intended to create doubt.

“I’m like 95 % sure Tyler is not the father.”

The next text mentioned someone named Antoine, but Tessier spelled his name wrong, and police confirmed that Antoine had not lived in Maryland for years, and he had not seen Laura Wallen in two years. This created suspicion for Kadi, according to the police.

Other texts from Wallen’s phone indicated that Laura Wallen found out that Tyler Tessier was engaged to a second woman and was also dating a third.


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The location where Laura Wallen was found was a large lot on a farm. According to police, Tyler Tessier lured Wallen there by saying that it was a lot he was buying to build a home for their growing family.

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