Nate Diaz And Conor McGregor Trilogy Fight: Will The UFC Lightweight Title Be Up For Grabs?

Conor McGregor has a plethora of options when he returns to the octagon. As the UFC lightweight champion thinks about his options on a luxury yacht, most analysts agree that the Nate Diaz trilogy is the biggest fight on the table.

In his press interviews during the Floyd Mayweather boxing fight tour, Conor seemed to only have one opponent in mind: Nate Diaz. His coaches John Kavanaugh and Owen Roddy have also expressed interest in McGregor settling the score when he returns to the UFC.

After his loss to Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor told the press that if Nate Diaz wants the trilogy fight, he should come down to 155 pounds. The biggest question regarding the match-up is whether it will be for the UFC lightweight title or an exhibition bout.

Nate Diaz is the only fighter to hold a victory over Conor McGregor in the UFC. However, Nate is not the number one contender, who traditionally gets the title shot. It’s worth noting that there have been many occasions where a lower ranked opponent gets a title shot so it will not be out of the ordinary for Nate to get the opportunity.

Several of Conor McGregor’s opponents have pulled out of fights citing injuries. McGregor leaped praise on Nate Diaz for his consistency in showing up to fights and this will certainly be a factor in the choosing his next opponent.

The UFC OnFox panel discusses the possibility of Nate and Conor being a title fight in the video below. While Kenny Florian is in favor of it, Daniel Cormier and Karen Bryant feel that people may have a problem with the trilogy fight if it is for the title.

Many consider Khabib Numagomedov to be the next in line to fight for the belt. After McGregor’s historic victory against Eddie Alvarez, he told the media that Khabib is a ‘consistent pull-out merchant’ and wanted the undefeated Russian to prove he will show up to fight. Four months after McGregor made these comments, Khabib pulled out of his interim bout against Tony Ferguson and he seems to be temporarily out of the title picture.

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