Real Reason Why Kairi Sane Won The ‘Mae Young Classic’ Over Shayna Baszler

Thirty-two women from 13 different countries competed in the Mae Young Classic. After a grueling tournament, Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler were the last two women left heading into the finals last night after SmackDown Live. There was some speculation that “The Queen of Spades” would defeat “The Pirate Princess.” However, the end result was the opposite and Sane beat Baszler to win the Mae Young Classic.

A lot of fans are complaining that the final result was predictable and that the end of the tournament was a bit lackluster. Kairi Sane was one of the favorites heading into the Mae Young Classic, but there are a few reasons why WWE officials decided for her to be the last woman standing over Shayna Baszler or any other woman in the tournament. As it turns out, the decision for Sane to win last night was a last minute change.

It’s being reported that WWE officials wanted Baszler to win the Mae Young Classic and were booking the entire tournament with that finish in mind. However, Kairi Sane is signed to a WWE contract and Shayna wasn’t. It was reported shortly after Sane’s victory last night that she’ll be competing for the NXT Women’s Title now that she’s won the tournament. Baszler would have had the same push if she had a deal in place.

Shayna Baszler faces Kairi Sane In the Mae Young Final

There has also been a lot of attention on the company building to a “Four Horsewomen” showdown in the near future between MMA and WWE’s two female stables. However, Vince McMahon has also squashed all teasing for that dream match to happen. If Shayna Baszler had won the Mae Young Classic, it would have been to push forward a massive “Battle of the Horsewomen” for an upcoming PPV before the end of 2017.

Kairi Sane Won the Mae Young Classic Because She is Under Contract

Going forward, WWE officials are hoping to continue negotiations with Baszler and Ronda Rousey to push them on WWE programming, but they can’t do that until they are both signed on the dotted line. However, Kairi Sane is expected to be featured on NXT going forward and is the most likely candidate to win the NXT Women’s Championship in a couple of months at NXT Takeover: Houston. The future is bright for Baszler and Sane, but the reason why “The Pirate Princess” won the ‘Mae Young Classic’ is that she has a contract.

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