Caleb Sharpe: Alleged 15-Year-Old Shooter’s Worrying Facebook, ‘Walrus Meat’ Instagram, ‘Mongo Walker’ YouTube

Caleb Sharpe is being named as the suspected Freeman High School shooter, and now clues from Sharpe’s Facebook page, Instagram account, and YouTube videos are being reviewed. As reported by Heavy, police have said that Caleb brought guns to Freeman High School and launched a shooting attack that has left at least one school-aged person dead. According to the Spokane County Sheriff, Sharpe may have been a victim of bullying, who then turned around and harmed others. The attack took place in Rockford, near the Spokane Valley in Washington.

Sharpe was obsessed with previous school shootings, according to his 15-year-old friend, Michael Harper. Caleb had also shown warning signs of trouble when he brought threatening notes to school about death. Caleb was described as both popular and weird – a teen whose behavior had been reported to school counselors. As seen in the below photo from Sharpe’s Instagram account, which is named “Walrus Meat,” a photo meme of Dana Carvey sitting atop a Delta airlines jet in a costume reads, “Destroy the Humans.” It’s the same meme that appears on Caleb’s Facebook page. Sharpe’s plight has been related to another student who was the subject of bullying, as reported by the Spokesman, in a feature story about someone forced to leave Freeman High School.

The dead victim was reportedly the best friend of Caleb, according to the below WFAA-TV report about Sharpe. That person may have confronted Caleb when Sharpe’s gun jammed, but Sharpe had another gun with him. Sharpe fired at his friend and then fired three additional shots down a hallway of the high school, which injured three other people. Those three people are in stable condition.

In the wake of the shooting, Sharpe is receiving plenty of heated comments on his Instagram page and beneath his YouTube account. With Sharpe in custody, people are pouring out their rage on Sharpe’s social media pages, with plenty of questions about why the tragic shooting happened.

Warning: The following video contains disturbing language.

Also troubling is the above video, titled “J-Baumb kills Mongo!” As reported by Heavy, the YouTube video shows a mock shooting with Caleb and a friend that is eerie to view in light of the school shooting on Wednesday, September 13. Freeman High School had just undergone a lockdown drill the day before the shooting.

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