Teachers Can Carry Guns: California District Considers School Protection

San Juan Capistrano, CA – Petitions to arm the teachers in school districts has been gaining ground all over the nation. Even in California, which is often considered to be a bastion for stricter gun control laws, according to the Los Angeles Times, a “city councilman has asked his local school district to allow teachers to carry guns in classrooms to protect their students.”

According to The Capistrano Dispatch, Orange County Councilman Derek Reeve cited the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting that killed 26 people, saying “efforts must be taken to empower teachers, staff and parents to protect our children.” Similar to the Harrold school district in Texas, Reeve suggests training all school personnel for “active-shooter scenarios” and allowing school staff, teachers, and parents to carry guns on school grounds.

Reeve says that protection from school shootings should be a multi-tiered strategy. Reeve recommends that schools redesign their campuses, suggesting that fences along the perimeter and allowing only one entry point for guests would make protecting the student much easier:

“They by themselves do not prevent an attack, but they will deter a potential attack and delay an active attack until law enforcement arrives.”

Reeve suggests hiring armed security, or stationing police officers, but this would require extra funding. Instead, training teachers so they can carry guns “would require no additional funding.” He does add one caveat, saying this “arm the teachers” school policy should not force teachers to comply:

“No teacher or staff member should be required to carry firearms, however many already own and are trained with their own firearms. The firearms can be easily and safely secured in the classrooms…. Volunteer parents are also a viable option.”

A volunteer-based school protection program would be similar to what is already implemented in Israel. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Israel has been protecting its students with armed volunteers since the 1970s. The program has been a success, with all attempts at further school shootings being stopped.

School district spokesman Marcus Walton told the The Capistrano Dispatch the district had received the letter:

“Like school districts everywhere, we’re getting lots of well-intended suggestions and ideas on how to increase student security and safety in schools. While we appreciate the councilman’s interest in this topic, we will not entertain any proposal to have staff persons carry firearms.”

Do you think the Orange County school district was too quick to turn down the suggestion to arm the teachers?

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