Sarah Stage Is Eight Months Pregnant With Six-Pack Abs

Sarah Stage became known for flaunting her six-pack while pregnant with her first son. Stage’s extremely fit figure throughout her pregnancy caused an uproar on social media. Now, Sarah is eight months pregnant and welcoming her second child in October, according to Us Weekly. Sarah’s belly is toned and nearly flat, being pretty much hidden by her abdominal muscles.

Just as she did with her first pregnancy, Sarah is causing a major uproar on social media.

Just recently, the 33-year-old showed off her body at eight months pregnant. In the clip, Stage, performs squats, side-planks, and other exercise moves while her son, James Hunter, two, plays nearby.

“Since I’ve announced my second pregnancy, I’ve had certain ‘Instagram medical experts’ tell me what I should and shouldn’t do… While I find some of the comments hilarious, I choose to only listen to my OBGYN and of course I also listen to MY body. If something feels off, I don’t do it! I always do what’s best for my growing baby and put him first.”

Stage went on to explain that the reason she is working out is for health benefits, not aesthetic purposes. Stage said she is not obsessed with her looks, she is obsessed with maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle while pregnant.

“I’m obsessed with maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will give my baby and myself the best possible quality of life.”

Upon giving birth to her first child, many were outraged by the photos she posted on Instagram because and many claimed there was no way Sarah could have a healthy baby being as thin as she was.

However, many were wrong. Sarah gave birth to a healthy baby boy named James who weighed in at eight pounds and seven ounces despite her extremely fit figure throughout her pregnancy.

Stage announced her pregnancy on June 16, 2017, with a picture that showcased her flat tummy.

“I’ve heard two boys is easy… I’m excited.”

The L.A.-based mom has been chronicling her tiny bump on social media. Earlier this month, she posted a photo of herself at seven months pregnant in a green bikini, leaving her fans mystified.

‘Six-Pack Mom’ Sues Playboy For Late Payment Of $225,000 Received For Two Days Of Work

However, the Instagram model will now be known for more diva-like behavior. In 2012, the Instagram model demanded $225,000 for only two days of work in a bombshell lawsuit, as revealed by Radar Online.

In court papers obtained from the Los Angeles Superior Court, Stage sued Playboy Enterprises International on October 9, 2012, for waiting time penalties.

“On November 23 and 24, 2009, Stage was employed by Defendant as a model in Santa Monica, CA… Plaintiff and Defendant agreed that Stage would be compensated at a flat rate of $15,000 for two days of work.”

Although she was to be paid when the shoot ended, Playboy did not issue the check until January 11, 2010, despite “repeated demands for payment.”

Instagram model sues Playboy.

Since Sarah Stage was paid over thirty days after she completed her work with Playboy, she claims that according to Labor Code Section 203, “an employee’s wages shall continue as a penalty until paid or for a period of up to 30 days from the time they were due.”

The court documents read that Sarah is entitled to the penalty “in the amount of $255,000, which is her rate of pay of $7,500 multiplied by 30 days.” Stage also asked that the Defendant pays for her attorney fees.

However, Playboy denied “each and every allegation” brought against them in her complaint.

They claim Stage failed to “exhaust her administrative remedies.”

They also allege that her claims are “unreasonable” and filed in “bad faith.” The company claimed that as an independent contractor and not an employee, they say she is not covered by section 203.

Playboy then filed a cross-complaint for damages claiming that Stage breached her contract.

Six-pack-mom sarah stage is pregnant with second child.

“Stage agreed, among other things, that she would keep the terms and conditions of the agreement ‘completely confidential… Stage breached her obligations under the Agreement by, among other things, disclosing the Agreement’s compensation terms.”

Playboy claims they have suffered damages in her breach of contract. They asked for compensatory damages, consequential damages, injunctive relief, restitution, attorney fees, costs, interest at the legal rate, and other and further relief the Court may deem just and proper.

Stage responded and claimed, “although Playboy does not expressly say so in the cross-complaint, it clearly suggests that Ms. Stage waived her right to ever sue Playboy to enforce her right to Playboy’s immediate payment of her wages under Labor Code section 201 and her right to receive penalties under Labor Code section 203.”

The case was later dismissed.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]