Amy Roloff Receives Flak After Posting Advertisement, ‘LPBW’ Fans Accuse Star Of Being A ‘One-Sided’ Grandma

Amy Roloff just can’t catch a break with her social media followers. Just a day after posting a message about her new granddaughter, the Little People, Big World star was met with a torrent of criticisms after she plugged FabFitFun’s Fall Box in her Instagram page. Overall, it seems like a lot of Amy’s fans are more interested in her family updates instead of her latest business ventures.

Amy’s recent post, which was uploaded a few hours ago, featured the Roloff matriarch posing with her FabFitFun Fall Box, which included several products such as a Cozy Wrap, Cuticle Oil, Beauty Mask, and other novel items. The Little People, Big World star also called on her followers to use her name when ordering the FabFitFun product, in order to get a $10 discount from the online store.

Many of Amy’s social media followers were supportive of the Roloff matriarch, with several of the LPBW star’s fans remarking that she looks a lot better now than before. Some even praised Amy for her new hairstyle, as well as her notably happy disposition.

“You look so beautiful. Just glowing!” one of Amy’s followers wrote.

“You look really pretty in this picture. Love your earrings too!” wrote another.

While many of Amy’s Instagram fans loved the reality TV star’s latest upload, several of her followers took issue with the Roloff matriarch’s increasingly enterprising nature in social media. Some, for one, stated that Amy seems to be turning her public profiles into an online advertising spot, with more posts being uploaded about products than her family. Others were more unforgiving, calling out the reality TV star for being far too enterprising.

“UGH yet another reality star advertising. Love to see the posts about your beautiful family but I dislike the advertisements,” wrote a disgruntled fan.

“I jumped here to see your new granddaughter, not some Fab-Fit-Who-Gives-A-S***-Fantastic-Fall gift box that everybody and their Mother has already info-commercialised to death!!!”

Some of Amy’s fans went even further, accusing the reality TV star of favoring some members of her family over others. According to some of the Roloff matriarch’s social media critics, Amy seems to be neglecting the recent birth of her granddaughter, Ember Jean Roloff, who was born this past Sunday.

“One-sided grandmother, you haven’t mentioned anything about your granddaughter,” wrote one commenter.

Interestingly, some of Amy’s critics seemed to have forgotten the fact that the Roloff matriarch was the first one who acknowledged the birth of Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter. In fact, Amy appears to have been the most excited in the family about the arrival of her granddaughter this past weekend. Last Sunday, Amy went on Facebook to briefly announce the birth, even while the rest of the family opted to keep silent about the event. Just yesterday, Amy expressed her love to Ember Jean in a heartfelt Instagram post.

While Amy’s enterprising nature in social media could be debated, it seems quite unfair that the LPBW star is being accused of playing favorites with her grandchildren. Amy, after all, has been hands-on with her children and grandchildren since Little People, Big World debuted all those years ago.

What do you think about the recent wave of criticisms directed towards Amy Roloff? Is Amy becoming a little too enterprising? Is she really a one-sided grandmother, or are her social media followers just being too harsh? Sound off in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]