Guest Complains About ‘Limited Housekeeping’ At Disney World During Hurricane Irma And Facebook Loses Its Mind

walt disney world complain limited housekeeping hurricane irma

Over the weekend, the entire state of Florida dealt with the incredibly dangerous Hurricane Irma which caused everyone’s life to be overturned and affected. By Tuesday, the storm had completely passed and places such as Walt Disney World were attempting to get back to a bit of normalcy. Still, many people evacuated, others had home damage, and some still had no power or water. Meanwhile, one guest complained about “limited housekeeping” at her resort and it caused Facebook to revolt.

For two full days, Walt Disney World kept the doors of all its theme parks closed as guests and cast members rode out the storm in resorts. The cast members who were working on the property were primarily volunteers and part of the “Hurricane Ride-Out Team” which meant that staff was limited.

Due to a much smaller number of employees on hand, some services and hours were limited at the resorts and that included things such as housekeeping happening less often. Disney advised all guests of this situation and any adjustments being made during Hurricane Irma.

For the most part, guests appeared to be very understanding as a Category 2 (moving to a Category 1) hurricane raged outside. Well, almost everyone was being understanding as one person took to the Facebook page for Walt Disney World and expressed her disappointment.

The post has since been deleted, likely by the original poster, but this is the Internet and a screenshot was already captured of it.

The post showed a picture of her unmade bed and a rather lengthy rant about how she knows Disney “couldn’t do anything about a hurricane hitting, but, after spending two days holed up in my room it would have been nice to have had my bed made up.”

In true Internet fashion, Facebook proceeded to lose its mind and the comments ranged from humorous to extremely harsh.

“Lol lady have a bit of empathy.. Jesus”

“So people are dying or losing their houses or businesses and you are worried about your bed not being made? Really? Are you going to be ok? Rub some dirt on it.”

“This is a joke right? So ungrateful. This wasn’t a weekend get away. THIS was a state of emergency, a hurricane, an evacuation. Get over yourself.”

“Are you (expletive deleted) kidding me??? Cry me a river… people lost their lives, loved ones, homes, vehicles and you’re bent out of shape because someone didn’t make your bed for you all while you had electricity and air conditioning??? You seriously need to do some soul searching.”

“I’m sorry, if this were a regular day, maybe. But, how many of those mousekeepers are without a bed tonight. They certainly don’t need to be bothered with making yours. Get some perspective. Signed, a Floridian who also had the hurricane hit her hometown.”

Walt Disney World is still continuing with the limited housekeeping for the time being as many cast members are still not back at work. Some are dealing with severe damage to their homes while others evacuated from Hurricane Irma and are still working on heading back home.

On the official website of Walt Disney World, guests were kept updated with the adjusted hours and how things were taking place around the resorts. Disney even passed out pamphlets to each room to advise them of how there would be limited availability with normal resort amenities.

walt disney world complain limited housekeeping hurricane irma

By Tuesday evening, about six hours after the post was made, it had been shared more than 550 times and had more than 3,300 comments. There were a few here and there which were sympathetic with the original poster, but the majority took to roasting her over her complaint.

The comments just didn’t seem to stop building up, and at times, they appeared to get even worse a the evening went on.

“My house is underwater, can I have a giftcard too?”

“Bless your heart.”

“And certainly you were not stuck in the room for two days. Activities in the lobby were plentiful and curfew was from 7pm till morning on Monday.”

“Maybe those housekeepers couldn’t make it to work from being without water themselves or gas cause curfew….and the hotel was under staffed but trying their best to keep you with AC and hot water… but idk maybe that didn’t cross you’re mind”

Throughout the rest of the week, Walt Disney World will continue cleaning up after Hurricane Irma and opening the rest of their parks. One resort, though, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, is closed indefinitely as the damage was more than expected. Many are still dealing with great amounts of loss and some are upset about “limited housekeeping,” but the ruthlessness of Facebook may make people think twice about where they voice their complaints.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]