'Destiny 2': Xur Location, Exotic Items On September 15

Ronald Cress

Looking for Xur in Destiny 2? Unfortunately, the vendor has still not arrived in the game, but players only have to wait a few more days to see him again.

On September 15, Destiny 2 is celebrating the event Trials of the Nine. Xur is coming alongside the event that day to sell his Exotic wares. As with the first game, the vendor is expected to appear on the weekends, specifically Friday to Sunday, following his debut this Friday.

Like in the original Destiny, Xur only accepts a special currency. While this is originally called Strange Coins, you have to collect Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 in order to purchase from the Exotic vendor. You can earn them by going through missions like Raids and Nightfall Strikes. You can also get some by participating in events and activities or by dismantling Exotic gears.

As of now, we don't have a list yet of what items Xur will be selling in Destiny 2 and how much they will cost. However, Eurogamer knows where he will be appearing. According to leaks, you can visit the vendor in social spaces and patrol spaces of the four planets. He might be found at any of these locations this weekend, so it's best to unlock these places as early as you can.

In Destiny, Xur sold one Exotic weapon, Exotic armor piece for each class, Exotic Engrams, ornament bundles, cheap consumables, and more. These are more or less what we can expect from the vendor this weekend, so you can stock up now on Legendary Shards and other currencies.

Xur is also likely to retain his merchandise strategy of rotating items that are available each week, but there might also be permanent items. As for what he will be selling first, we'll know more on the weekend.

Destiny 2 is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC version is coming this October. Look out for the events Bungie lined up for its first month, including the Leviathan Raid on September 13. Expect Xur to come back with a new lineup of items this Friday and every Friday thereafter.