Taylor Swift Not Exposing Satanic Illuminati, Pedophilia Cult On New ‘Reputation’ Album

Taylor Swift is just months away from releasing her latest album, Reputation, and according to a sensationalized new report, she’s planning to expose some “Illuminati secrets on multiple tracks.”

It’s been long rumored that Taylor Swift was associated with a satanic Illuminati group, and as cited by Gossip Cop, according to Neon Nettle, after having left the cult, the former country singer is gearing up to reveal the truth once and for all. Of course, there’s no actual truth to any of it.

According to the report, a handful of celebrities are also part of the Illuminati group, but the insider fails to mention who it could possibly be. The fact that there’s no information on the other famous faces that are supposed to be part of the cult makes the report that much more concerning to believe.

As quoted by Gossip Cop, who debunks the story, Neon Nettle claims that Taylor Swift is dedicating her forthcoming album to the Illuminati cult she was allegedly bonded with for years before abruptly deciding to leave for good.

It’s further explained that Taylor Swift’s latest music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” is a clear example of her plans for the upcoming record.

The visual is filled with “symbols referencing the Illuminati, pedophilia, Satanism,” amongst others, the outlet alleges, claiming that it’s subliminally linked to the singer’s ongoing feud with the likes of Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West.

A rep for Swift has since described the claims as “bogus.”

It’s unclear whether the symbols are supposed to hint at the possibility that these three celebrities are the next targets for the Illuminati group, but what seems clear, according to the report, is that Taylor Swift wants to bring light to the truth.

Her feud with Kanye and Kim, perhaps, but not about Illuminati since that just seems sensationalized by a media outlet.

News of Taylor Swift’s alleged former association with an Illuminati group comes just weeks after the songstress confirmed she will release her brand new album on November 10.

November 10 marks the 10-year anniversary since the death of Kanye West’s mother, Donda, who tragically passed away following complications from cosmetic surgery.

Fans have since slammed the “Shake It Off” singer for being “cruel” in the effort to get under Kanye West’s skin when things concerning family members, especially those who are deceased, shouldn’t be brought into the mix of a feud that fans have branded as completely pointless.

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