Hope Hicks: Trump Makes $179,700-Per-Year-Earning 28-Year-Old His White House Communications Director

Hope Hicks now has a permanent job with President Donald Trump. Hope is no longer merely the interim White House communications director, a job that Hicks gained in August. She will be working in the role on a permanent basis for President Trump, a White House spokesperson announced on Tuesday, September 12, according to CNN. Hicks has garnered plenty of interest ever since Hope jumped aboard the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, especially due to the manner in which she seemed to fly under the media radar even as other folks in the Trump camp seemed to favor the limelight.

Hicks has known President Trump for many years, since the days when she was employed with the New York public relations company named Hiltzik Strategies. Hope left the firm to work for the Trump Organization, which included working on a fashion collection for Ivanka Trump. Hicks is a 28-year-old who hasn’t yet moved into the White House communications director’s office, but as reported by Politico, Hope is drawing a salary indicative of Hicks’ important role. Hicks collects the top White House salary of $179,700 and has been credited with showing an understanding of President Trump that others may not have.

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Deemed polite and soft-spoken, Hope can be seen in the top photo above from Monday, September 11 during a time when President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump led a moment of silence to commemorate the 9/11 victims. Hope was greeted by Gary Cohn, as seen in the photo. Cohn is the director of the National Economic Council. Hicks awaited the beginning of the ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House. One day later, news about Hicks’ permanent role in the White House would send her name surging on social media.

On Twitter, a non-verified account named Hope Hicks, which can be found at the Twitter handle @HopeHicks45, calls itself the Twitter home of the White House Director of Strategic Communications for POTUS and contains the “MAGA” hashtag. The account was opened in March of 2017. After gaining a permanent role in the White House, Hicks now has her own Twitter moment dedicated to reactions over her new job, with a myriad of comments about Hicks being posted on social media.

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