Derick Dillard Propagates Transphobia After Twitter Scandal, Jill Duggar Sticks To Baby Pictures On Instagram

Derick Dillard got into a big Twitter scandal last month when he singled out Jazz Jennings, star of another TLC reality TV show, I Am Jazz. In a tweet that had a link to her show, the 28-year-old missionary stated that “transgender is a myth.” This revealed to the fans of Counting On that he is transphobic and that he does not believe in the rights of people, who are going through gender transition.

On Aug 2, 2017, Jill Duggar’s husband caused an Internet uproar when he tweeted, “What an oxymoron… a “reality” show which follows a non-reality. “Transgender” is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God.”

This even prompted the network to publicly state to their viewers that “Derick Dillard’s personal statement does not represent the views of TLC.” And when they revealed the new promotional pictures for the upcoming season of Counting On, they completely omitted Jill and Derick from the pictures, choosing instead to showcase Jessa and Ben, Jinger and Jeremy, and Joy-Anna and Austin.

The 28-year-old mission ramped up his crusade against issues of transgender today when he retweeted a brochure from Family Research Council. It not only clarified his stance, but also instructed his followers on how to protect one’s children from transgender.


The brochure, which is linked on the website, clearly states that there is no such thing as transgender in Christian faith and that humans should not go about changing sex because it goes against the order of the world.

“1). Our “maleness” or “femaleness” is an essential part of our humanity as God created us,” Family Research Council hand out that Derick retweeted stated. “It is good to be male, and it is good to be female, because in either case, we bear the image of God; and 3) We have neither the right nor the power to change the sex (male or female) that God has given us, because it is part of his created order.”

It also gave instructions on how to educate one’s kids on this issue.

“Tell your child that some people believe a person’s feelings about being a boy or girl are more important than their body, but that you disagree and think it is a person’s body that indicates whether they are male or female,” it stated.

The hand out also went on to emphasize that the child “cannot be asked to give up his or her freedom of thought and free speech rights” by being “forced to use the self-identified transgender person’s preferred pronouns.”

Many Counting On fans disagreed with Jill Duggar’s husband when it comes to the issue of transgender. In his previous tweet, in which he hinted towards transphobia, some fans replied in a way that clearly criticized his views.


“If you are still referring to your belief that transgender people are sinning in the eyes of God, you are still incorrect,” a fan replied to his tweet.

Another fan commented, “If you love people, stop picking on a teen transgender girl.”

While her husband is engaging in some provocative political commentary via Twitter, Jill Duggar is choosing to stay away from overtly controversial topics. Instead, as a mother of two baby boys, she is mostly posting about her family life.

Check out the latest picture of baby Israel she posted on Instagram.

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[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Instagram]