Randell Minott Facebook Video Up To 35K Views, Says Police Officer Pulled Gun On Him For Turn Signal Violation

A video by a man named Randell Minott is going viral, with Randell’s Facebook video currently enjoying more than 35,000 views on Facebook alone. The video begins with Randell unleashing a rant upon a police officer whom Minott claimed pointed a gun at him due to Minott failing to use his turn signal. By the time Minott’s video begins, a police officer can be seen staring wordlessly at Randell as he rants in frustration about bad police officers in general, and how the bad ones make it harder for good cops to be viewed as great people in the eyes of the public. As seen in the below description of Randell’s Facebook video, Minott cites the recent case of Michael Bennett, a football player for the Seattle Seahawks.

Bennett was also seen in a viral video with a police officer who had placed a knee in his back as he cuffed Michael on the ground. According to the below NPR link, Bennett said that the police officer threatened to shoot him in the head, and cuffed him so tightly that his fingers went numb. Michael eventually was let go by police, when Bennett said that police officers realized who he was. Michael claims to have committed no crimes, while Las Vegas police claimed Bennett was acting suspiciously. Randell wrote that it was in his constitutional rights not to have a gun pulled on him without probable cause, and that failing to use a turn signal properly was not reason enough to have his life threatened by a police officer with a gun. Minott ranted that if the officer would have shot and killed him, the police could have easily made up a story about why they did so.

Warning: The following video may contain offensive language.


The video was posted to Randell’s Facebook page the morning of Friday, September 8, and since that time has grown in popularity. Some of the comments beneath Minott’s video are from Facebook users that claim all the video shows is Randell yelling at the officer. Other Facebook users can appreciate the frustration that Randell displays in the video as he lectures the police officer about the unnecessary move of pulling out his gun.

As seen in the below Twitter tweet, some Twitter users are calling Randell a hero of the moment for expressing the frustration felt towards police brutality.

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