American Tourists Trapped In British Virgin Islands By Irma Plead For Help, Down To Last Gallon Of Water

Two American tourists on vacation in the British Virgin Islands are now trapped in the island of Tortola, which was in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Atlanta residents Andrew Burruss, 32, and Kerman Haynes, 40, are reportedly down to their last gallon of water and are almost out of food after their hotel was devastated by the hurricane. Tortola, the largest and most populous of the British Virgin Islands, was pummeled by Irma on its path to the continental United States.

Burruss and Haynes, who were on a two-week trip to the British Virgin Islands when Irma hit, have been asking friends and family for help getting off the island. On Sunday, Burruss reported that he and Haynes made it through the worst of Irma alive but that they are desperate for help.

“There is almost no aid on the ground here and we are almost out of food (uncooked ramen, cookies, peanut butter) and water.”

Burruss, a software salesman, also said that there was “almost no aid” on the ground and that the hurricane was more like a “33-hour tornado.” The devastation it left, he said, was “unimaginable.”

Because their hotel was badly damaged by Irma, Burruss and Haynes had to leave shelter behind, hoping to get cell service and supplies.

“We hiked 11 miles to the Capitol of Tortola this morning, which is Road Town, to get cell service, which means we had to leave our little room behind. As of right now, we have no place to stay tonight and people here are desperate.”

In an interview with People, Karen Haynes, Kerman’s sister, said that the two had to move because it was no longer safe where they had been staying.

“There was looting and locals were getting violent because of a shortage of supplies. Andrew and Kerman only have one gallon of water left between them.”

Haynes added that her brother’s situation has been “incredibly difficult” on their family.

“We don’t know anyone on the island. We’ve been in touch with the embassy but they’ve had trouble with communication and they have no idea when they may be able to help with a rescue.”

In a Facebook post published Sunday night, Burruss asked friends and family to reach out to anybody who could help get them out of Tortola.

“We are not the only Americans desperate for help and we want so bad to come home. Please share.”

Family and friends of both Burruss and Haynes have responded to their pleas on Facebook. They have made calls to aid organizations, emailed and called the State Department and the media, chartered planes or helicopters, located shelters on Tortola, and offered prayers for the stranded couple.

As of Sunday night, Burruss and Haynes are still on Tortola. Their last known location was The Moorings Marina. According to People, the couple found a pilot in Puerto Rico who was willing to come get them but was unable to secure the necessary permits to land at the airport in Tortola.

In a follow-up to Burruss’s Facebook post, Haynes posted another update, telling family and friends that they still need help, particularly with the “ridiculous ‘red tape'” that he said has prevented many from receiving the aid that they badly need.

Haynes also blasted the British government, saying that it has not allowed outside aid and that no supplies have reached those affected by Hurricane Irma.

“I have walked these streets for the past 72 hours and have seen NOTHING.”

[Featured Image by Facebook/Kerman Haynes]

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