Here’s How The WWE Universe Is Responding To Nia Jax’s Babyface Turn

At WWE No Mercy, Alexa Bliss will defend the Raw Women’s Championship in a Fatal Four Way against Sasha Banks, Emma, and Nia Jax. On paper, it will serve as The Boss’ rematch with Bliss. There has been a bit of speculation about Emma being added to the match just to take the pinfall because WWE officials are trying to protect Sasha, Bliss, and especially Nia Jax from taking a huge loss on PPV at the wrong time.

WWE officials have been planning a babyface turn for Nia Jax for months, but there have been some delays on Raw. The rivalry between Bliss and Jax has been developing for a long time and the powers that be want it to be a major feud. The choice was made for the Banks vs. Bliss feud to conclude before Jax received her push and turn into a top babyface. However, Nia’s recent actions against Bliss prove that her time is now.

It’s being reported that the WWE Universe is embracing the babyface turn for Nia Jax during WWE house shows. She’s becoming one of the most popular women during those events and it’s starting to show during Raw each week as well. The long term plan is for Bliss and Jax to feud heading into WWE Survivor Series, but WWE officials want a very slow build. That’s why the Fatal Four Way is happening at WWE No Mercy.

Alexa Bliss Will Defend the Raw Womens Title Against Sasha Banks Emma and Nia Jax
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WWE officials have proven they have no problem making big title changes in the women’s division on both Raw and SmackDown Live. As Nia’s momentum continues to build, she’ll likely have a chance to hold the Raw Women’s Title. The bigger problem is WWE officials seem to be preparing for Asuka to debut on Raw as soon as she recovers from her injury, which could stop Jax’s title reign or push before it really gets going.

Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss Feud Happening Soon
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For the time being, WWE officials are focusing on elevating Nia Jax. After a year of waiting patiently, it is a logical time to give her a chance in the title picture on Raw. It makes sense that the WWE Universe would get behind her so quickly after taking a backseat for so long and considering how strong her message is to a lot of people. WWE No Mercy could very well be Nia Jax’s coronation to the next level of the WWE ladder.

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