Is Duchess Kate Carrying Twins? Here Is What Two Babies Would Mean For The Royal Family

Is Duchess Kate carrying twins?

While Kate Middleton has not yet given an indication that she is having two babies, there is already growing speculation about whether she may be having twins and exactly what that would mean for the royal family.

Last week, Duchess Kate announced that she and Prince William were expecting their third child. Beyond that announcement — which came as Kate had to cancel a public appearance due to her third bout with hyperemesis gravidarum, commonly known as extreme morning sickness — there were few details including the potential due date and whether they know the gender (or genders) yet.

The announcement sparked speculation about those details, with bookmakers putting out odds on what name Kate Middleton and Prince William would pick, as well as whether they might be having twins. According to Yahoo7 Be, there are currently 20-1 odds that Kate would be having twins.

“We feel it is more likely to be a boy which is the odds-on favorite, while we have also seen some bets for the next birth to be twins,” John Hill from UK betting agency Coral told OK! Online (via Yahoo7 Be).

There has already been previous speculation that Kate Middleton would be having twins. Back in January, the celebrity gossip outlet New Idea reported that Duchess Kate was expecting twins — a prediction that never came to pass. There have been other intermittent rumors over the past few years that Kate would be having twins, with none of them coming true, either.

So while there may be no clues yet that Kate Middleton is having twins, there is plenty of talk about what would happen if she did. According to Yahoo7 Be, there has not been a set of twins born in the royal monarch line since the 15th century. The report added that a mixed gender set of twins would have been a bit of a difficulty in the past, but royal succession rules changed two years ago to clear up the process.

“Previously, royal protocol dictated sons succeeded their sisters when it came to taking the throne, even if the female was first born,” the report noted. “That all changed in March 2015 though, when royal succession rules were changed to remove gender bias.”

As with Duchess Kate’s first two pregnancies, there is likely to be speculation about details leading right up until her due date, which has become something of an unofficial holiday in Britain. In the meantime, there is an increased spotlight on Kate Middleton, especially as she battles the symptoms of her often debilitating disease. This week, Kate had to miss the first day of Prince George’s school.

But until there are any official indications, the news that Kate Middleton might be having twins and what that would mean for the royal family appears to be just idle speculation.

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