Acorn TV Boasts September ‘Doc Martin’ Season 8 Premiere For U.S. Viewers [Spoilers]

This week it was announced that Doc Martin Season 8 will make its season premiere earlier than expected, and Americans will not have to wait long to start watching the Brit favorite. In fact, Doc Martin Season 8 will premiere in the U.K. on ITV on September 20, and Americans can watch it on Acorn TV on September 21 without commercials. The series, starring Martin Clunes, is set in the fictional Cornwall town of Portwenn.

The full Doc Martin cast is back this season, including Dame Eileen Atkins, who plays Doc Martin’s Aunt Ruth, whose personality is the closest match to Martin. Dame Eileen Atkins might look familiar to fans of the Netflix series The Crown as she played Queen Mary, mother of King George and Edward VIII. In her role as Queen Mary, she puts her foot down at the idea of Edward’s love, Wallis Simpson, becoming a royal.

In her role as Queen Mary, Dame Eileen Atkins brought the same no-nonsense approach that she brings to the role of Dr. Ruth Ellingham, Doc Martin’s aunt, according to Movie Pilot.

“Dame Eileen Atkins has the role of Queen Mary, Elizabeth’s grandmother and the last link to the Victorian era. Mary is smart, strong willed, distant, but devoted to her duty as a former monarch and advisor to a future one.”

In the United States, the word was that Doc Martin Season 8 was not going to air until early 2018, so the announcement that the full Doc Martin Season 8 would start airing this month was a welcomed one. Doc Martin is one British ITV series that is unpredictable in terms of airing date because of the small shooting window in the coastal area of Cornwall due to weather concerns.

Word is that Doc Martin Season 8 will not just be more of the same, with the will they, won’t they, with Doc Martin and Louisa. Doc Martin Season 8 will find Martin and Louisa’s son, James, now a toddler, and so he now will feature more in scenes. Also, there will be more love in the air as PC Joe Penhale pops the question to Janice, who reportedly says yes (there is said to possibly be a wedding this season on Doc Martin).

Al Large and Morwenna Newcross are also officially a couple, but two new characters, Morwenna’s parents, Jack and Tara Newcross, move back to town and complicate Morwenna’s life. Martin Clunes also spoke about his character, Doc Martin, and the changes he made to create a calmer home life.

“I’m thrilled to be back on the beautiful North Cornish coast to shoot series eight of Doc Martin. The Doc is as obstinate as ever, but he is trying his best to be a better husband and father.”

Doc Martin Season 8 will have eight episodes and will return to Portwenn, where Martin and Louisa have undergone therapy to save their marriage. Doc Martin Season 8 had a number of writers take a stab at various episodes including Jack Lothian, Richard Stoneman, Julian Unthank, Colin Bateman, and Andy Rattenbury.


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In the United Kingdom, viewers can watch Doc Martin Season 8 on ITV starting on September 20, while fans in America can start watching Doc Martin Season 8 on September 21 on Acorn TV, a streaming service.

Are you a fan of Doc Martin? Will you watch Doc Martin Season 8 on Acorn TV?

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