WWE News: Chris Jericho Comments On Conor McGregor Joining WWE & Who His First Match Could Be

WWE star Chris Jericho doesn’t believe UFC star Conor McGregor will join WWE quite as soon as Ronda Rousey is going to. The former WWE World Champion and nine-time Intercontinental Champion recently gave a few comments on why he thinks it will be more than a few years before fans see Conor McGregor working in a professional wrestling ring. Basically, Jericho believes the recent payday that McGregor received for losing in his big boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. gives him no incentive to step into the professional wrestling ring just yet.

Jericho was stopped by TMZ and asked for his comments regarding the mixed martial arts star McGregor, who is always a popular topic. The interviewer said Jericho boldly predicted that McGregor would one day join the WWE. Jericho chuckled at the question and said, “Kind of an easy to thing to imagine, I would say.”

Jericho was also asked if and when McGregor joins the WWE would Chris Jericho be a good first match for him. Jericho said, “He’s pretty small, but I don’t think he’s gonna join in two years, not with all the money he’s made.” Jericho went on to say that McGregor’s definitely got the personality for it and even though he has a smaller build, he could still work in the WWE.

WWE star chris jericho says more than two years
WWE star Chris Jericho believes it will be more than a few years before Conor McGregor gets in a WWE ring. [Image by WWE]

When asked about what sort of payday McGregor might get working as a professional wrestler, Jericho didn’t have an exact amount but suggested it would be pretty big.

“I guess that’s between him and the boss, isn’t it? I dunno. Depends on how much money he can generate which could be a lot. He just made $100 million so he ain’t coming in for peanuts.”

The interviewer also suggested that Jericho might go up against McGregor and asked who would be an ideal match for the MMA star. Jericho indicated that it didn’t matter if his opponent was the exact size or build as McGregor saying, “It’s wrestling man, it could be anybody as long as the story’s good. It’s all show business.”

Chris Jericho has certainly been known to put on some entertaining matches during his career. He’s also living proof that a professional wrestler can still be entertaining without being “super jacked up.” As far as Jericho going against McGregor, if it takes the UFC star more than two years to get into WWE, that may be beyond Jericho’s window of working in the ring.

Chris Jericho may not be wrestling when McGregor finally joins
Chris Jericho may not be wrestling when McGregor finally joins WWE. [Image by WWE]

However, it’s not unfathomable to believe that Jericho may still be involved in the backstage affairs of WWE and could help develop McGregor’s wrestling persona. The thing is, McGregor seems to be flamboyant and “larger than life” as it is without much help in bringing that persona out. A feud with Chris Jericho could provide some incredible promos in the ring or in backstage interviews, though.

There’s no doubting the fact that WWE seems interested in adding Conor McGregor to their roster. After McGregor’s loss to Floyd Mayweather in their boxing match several weeks ago, WWE.com posted superstar reactions to the fight. The website has also provided several polls as to who fans would want to see McGregor get into the ring with. Chris Jericho isn’t a name on the poll, and former UFC star and now WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was the top vote getter by a landslide.

WWE fans certainly want to see McGregor step into the wrestling ring, but if Jericho’s right, there’s going to be quite a wait. For now, fans will need to wait and see how fellow MMA star Ronda Rousey does in her first foray into the ring.

[Featured Image by WWE]