‘Young And The Restless’ Buzz: Ashley’s Brent Davis Paternity Secret And Blood Relationship To Graham Exposed?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for the weeks of September 11 and 18 tease that Ashley (Eileen Davidson) makes a shocking discovery about Graham that places her in an awkward position. Y&R buzz and rumors indicate that while digging up dirt on Graham (Max Shippee), Ashley stumbles upon information about Graham that threatens to expose her closely guarded paternity secret.

Ashley has been making efforts to convince her mother, Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams), that she shouldn’t entrust her personal and business affairs to Graham. After Dina dismissed her concerns about Graham, saying that she trusts him, Ashley began conducting a background investigation to obtain information about Graham that could convince Dina to ditch Graham. It seems, however, that Graham has covered his tracks carefully and Ashley was unable to find any compromising information about him.

Ashley renewed her effort to convince Dina to get rid of Graham after she discovered that Dina has granted Graham access to Jabot files and that he has been helping Dina write Jabot marketing reports. Ashley and Jack (Peter Bergman) were shocked, and both agreed that they can’t allow Dina to continue allowing Graham to have access to Jabot files.

Spoilers for Tuesday, September 12, reveal that Jack eventually confronts Dina and demands answers to their questions about her relationship with Graham. Dina offers an explanation, but it appears that she does not tell the whole truth.

Spoilers from Soap Central suggest that Ashley continues to insist that Dina is hiding something about her relationship with Graham. It seems that Dina eventually becomes fed up with Ashley’s persistent complaints about her relationship with Graham. She gives her access to Graham’s room.

Ashley searches Graham’s room and stumbles upon a letter or an invoice for a retirement home where Graham’s mother apparently lives.

Ashley is surprised about the discovery because Graham had said in the past that her mother was dead. Ashley is convinced that she has stumbled on evidence that Graham is lying to cover up something about his background and that he is taking advantage of Dina.


Ashley is also convinced that Graham has other secrets that he is hiding. She vows to renew her effort to expose Graham.

However, spoilers for the week of September 18 from SheKnows Soap and Soap Opera Digest’s Fall Preview indicate that Ashley’s effort to dig up dirt on Graham backfires. She ends up stumbling upon information about Graham that “greatly impacts the Abbot family.”

Some fans have noted that the storyline has recently focused on Ashley’s effort to cover up the truth about her paternity. Thus, it is possible that Graham’s secret has something to do with the professional tennis player Brent Davis (Bert Kramer), Ashley’s secret biological father. Thus, Ashley’s effort to dig up dirt on Graham backfires by threatening to expose the truth about her paternity which she has been struggling to hide from her daughter Abby (Melissa Ordway).


Ashley is terrified about the scandal that could result if the public learns that she is not an Abbott.

Y&R buzz and rumors suggest that Graham could be Brent’s son by another woman and that Dina took him under her wings as a favor or to fulfill a pledge she made to Brent before he died, according to CDL.

Graham, in turn, shows his gratitude to Dina by dedicating himself to serving her.

However, some fans speculate that there might be no blood relationship between Graham and Ashley but that Graham is aware of Ashley’s paternity secret. Thus, when Ashley threatens to expose Graham, he responds by threatening to expose her paternity secret.

It isn’t clear which of the two scenarios will emerge, but it seems clear, based on spoilers from Soap Opera Digest’s Fall Preview, that Ashley uncovers secrets about Graham and then finds herself in a situation where her paternity secret could be exposed.

Y&R buzz and rumors also suggest that executive producer Mal Young might have tweaked the original storyline about Graham after Sally Sussman was replaced. Previous spoilers had indicated that Dina is concealing an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis from her family and that Graham has a euthanasia pact with her.

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