Mariah Carey Allegedly Forcing Children Into Spotlight Against Will: Diva’s Parenting Skills Questioned

Mariah Carey is allegedly forcing her children into the spotlight against their will, with reports claiming that it’s beginning to have quite the effect on the family.

OK! Magazine, as cited via Gossip Cop, claims that Mariah Carey is very oblivious about the way she parents her kids.

It’s not to say that she’s not a great mother per se, but the supposed fact that Moroccan and Monroe are often found on the singer’s social media platforms and under the flashing lights of photographers have even started to irritate the kids themselves.

Sources tell the magazine that the twins hate being photographed, nor would they want to attend public events with Mariah Carey, and that’s simply because they are painfully shy.

It’s further stressed that by putting the kids under these circumstances where they are very uncomfortable, Mariah Carey is somewhat setting her children up to have a breakdown in their teenage years due to the environment they are surrounded by.

A source adds that the most bizarre thing usually happens when Mariah Carey comes home from working late at night. Instead of letting her kids sleep, she wakes them up to do something fun with her, the outlet alleges.

Mariah Carey has shown herself to be nothing short of a doting mother on social media, but as the insider already explained, while she may be a great parent, for the most part, it’s hard to grasp an understanding as to why the kids are forced into the spotlight.

Aside from having Morrocan and Monroe appear on red carpet events and shows with their mother, they have also featured on Mariah Carey’s album The Elusive Chanteuse in 2014.

Ex-husband Nick Cannon, who is known to be rather vocal about the way his children are raised, hasn’t shared any concerns about Mariah Carey’s parenting skills.

With that said, he also didn’t show any concerns about his marriage when it was falling apart until fans suddenly learned about the couple’s decision to part ways and divorce.

Mariah Carey has not commented on OK! Magazine‘s report that she’s pushing her children into the spotlight against their will.

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