‘Big Brother 19’ Players Plan To Insult Kevin To Mess Up His Game, Claim Such Treatment Is Warranted [Video]

At 56, Kevin Schlehuber is one of the oldest individuals to ever make it into the Big Brother house. Despite this, he has continued to persevere and has managed to make it quite far in the game as part of the final five houseguests.

Unfortunately, Kevin has been mocked due to his age, called names, and been cursed at by his fellow houseguests who range from around 20 to 30 years younger than the elder statesman, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Some houseguests believe this treatment of Kevin is warranted, alleging he has made fun of several houseguests and made others feel uneasy, according to a live feed discussion between Alex Ow and Christmas Abbott Friday evening.

In a talk with Josh Martinez, on live feeds Christmas claimed to have been told by evicted houseguest Jason Dent that Kevin spoke inappropriately about her, saying that he and Jason could have their way with her in the jury house. She emphasized that Josh should talk “smack” to Kevin before the next Big Brother 19 Head of Household (HOH) competition to rattle him.

It should be noted that live feed spoilers have revealed that Josh is the current BB19 HOH and has nominated Alex and Kevin for eviction. Although Alex is the intended target to be sent to the jury this week, houseguests do not want Kevin to have any control, as they believe if he does, he could deviate from their plans.

See video below of Christmas making claims about Kevin (Warning: Video contains strong language).

Also, on Friday, at about 4:25 p.m., Josh agreed, apparently at Paul’s bidding, to hurl insults at Kevin so he would be too upset to win the Power of Veto (POV) competition, according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates.

Paul also told Josh he expects him to “bully Kevin,” reports BB19 fan site Big Brother Blog, as well as tell Kevin his family is “not proud” of the way he is playing the game. Josh, however, put his foot down and refused to say such a thing to Kevin.

Nevertheless, at 5:54 p.m. Josh made a remark about not being able to wait until Kevin “walks” next week and noted he is going to “give Kevin hell,” according to Joker’s Updates.


Clearly, Kevin has been impacted by all of this and doesn’t seem to understand all of the animosity directed towards him. On live feeds, Kevin has pondered why Alex hates him so much and doesn’t believe her dislike of him is warranted. He appeared to be upset that Alex won HOH and shared beers with every other houseguest except him, according to Joker’s Updates.


Later Friday evening, Kevin approached Josh in the HOH room asking how many beers each cast member had the night before. Josh replied that each person had three beers. Kevin noted that he must have been forgotten by his fellow houseguests. Joker’s Updates notes Kevin stated he would never do that to anyone, even if he didn’t like the person.

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