NASA Captures ‘Christmas Ornament’ Nebula In Photo

NASA is getting into the holiday spirit with a high-definition photograph of a nebula that looks like a Christmas ornament. Last year, the space agency used the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer to capture a photo of a nebula that looks like a Christmas wreath.

This year, scientists used the Hubble Space Telescope to take a picture of NGC 5189, a nebula that the agency says looks like a Christmas ornament that has been wrapped in a bow.

Perhaps there’s just a little too much Christmas cheer at NASA, but I don’t see the resemblance.

NASA posted the photo (pictured above) and then showcases what the nebula entails in an agency sponsored video.

NASA’s PR team might be stretching things a little bit, but it’s hard not to admire their work:

Here’s the full photo in all its high definition glory:

Nasa Christmas Nebula