’90 Day Fiance’ Star Danielle Mullins Loses Makeover Show After Dropping GR Media

There was talk about Danielle Mullins of 90 Day Fiance getting a new reality show that would be all about her getting a makeover. Now Starcasm is sharing that Danielle has lost the show because she dropped GR Media, which was helping her get the show. She was supposed to be getting a show that would be similar to the one that Mama June did where she lost a ton of weight and changed her look.

This information came out on Danielle’s Facebook fan page, but she had to post it twice to get the word out. The first time she posted it, someone deleted it. Then Danielle had to post it again. The second time that Danielle posted it, she shared that she had done it about an hour ago and then it got deleted. She explained that she is parting ways with manager Gina Rodriguez and Brandilyn Snail.

Danielle went on to explain that she wasn’t happy about what was being posted on her social network. She didn’t want the clickbait posted there and said she would much rather just post updates, pictures, and other stuff to share with her fans.

A source close to the situation is speaking out to Starcasm and explaining the details. The source explained that they didn’t want Danielle commenting or posting on the page at all. It sounds like part of this was because of her show that was planned. The source explained that Gina got mad at her for answering tweets the other day. The source also said that Danielle was shocked by the clickbait articles being posted.

The source explained that Danielle had already lost 6 lbs. and was supposed to be working with the same trainer that Mama June did, but now that show is totally off since she fired them. She would have to find someone to pick it up, which isn’t going to be easy. Maybe they can find a way to save it. So far, Danielle isn’t sharing her thoughts on the show or anything about it.


Are you shocked to hear that Danielle Mullins won’t be having this show now? Did you want to watch her? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? on Sundays on TLC.


[Featured Image by Danielle Jbali/Instagram]