Jeremy Roloff Asked ‘Where’s The Baby?’ As Audrey Remains Pregnant And One Week Overdue, No Plans To Induce

Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff is constantly asked on social media where the baby is, as wife Audrey Roloff is still pregnant and a week overdue. The 27-year-old first-time expectant dad has been active on his personal social media accounts, but hasn’t really mentioned Audrey or her past due pregnancy since six days ago. Audrey Roloff is now overdue by eight days, and Jeremy’s followers want updates on when the second Roloff grandbaby might arrive.

After Jeremy Roloff shared on his personal Facebook account on September 2 that they were “officially past the due date,” his nearly 300,000 Facebook followers and over 500,000 Instagram followers are expecting another pregnancy update soon. Jeremy’s post from last Saturday made the first-time dad seem impatient, while Little People, Big World fans kept reminding him that the “baby will come when she’s ready.” But as days continue to pass with no news on the much-anticipated Roloff grandbaby, Jeremy’s followers and LPBW fans are also getting impatient.

Jeremy took to his personal Instagram account on Thursday to share a post about understanding and communication in relationships. His post was probably in response to Audrey’s Facebook post on Tuesday telling Jeremy that tools are not allowed in the bed. The lengthy post said nothing about baby girl Roloff, and Jeremy Roloff’s followers want to know, “Where’s the baby?” Several of the hundred comments ask if Audrey Roloff had the baby yet.

Of course, Jeremy Roloff didn’t respond back to the comments wanting updates on baby Roloff, but Audrey is now 41-weeks pregnant and did give Little People, Big World fans an update via her social media accounts on Friday. CafeMom also shared on Friday how Audrey Roloff is “officially super overdue,” adding that Jeremy and Audrey are still waiting, but would “love to welcome their daughter into the world.” Audrey Roloff confirmed those statements late Friday by saying that they are still waiting for “our little girl to come join us in this world.”

The 26-year-old first-time expectant mom and Little People, Big World star went on to write that she’s excited to meet, hold, stare at, pray over, and dress her. Audrey Roloff shared that any day could be the day she finally gives birth, indicating that her doctor has no plans yet to induce her. One comment on Jeremy Roloff’s Instagram post from yesterday asked if Audrey should be induced since she’s “passed her due date.” Visitor comments on Audrey’s Facebook page ask how overdue her doctor is going to let her go “before they induce.”

The Hollywood Gossip shared on Friday that it’s not uncommon for pregnancies to go beyond due dates, “even by a couple of weeks,” but speculates that some Little People, Big World fans are “on edge.” CafeMom also shared that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are apparently getting bored “waiting for baby girl to show up,” according to Jeremy himself. Jeremy Roloff reportedly does share updates on Audrey’s continuing pregnancy via his Instagram Stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

Jeremy Roloff also reportedly shared a photo on Friday of Audrey sitting on an exam table that he promptly deleted without giving a reason, but the Jeremy and Audrey fan page on Instagram reposted the same photo, saying “I think she likes it in there.”

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]